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The State Duma named the candidates for the Central Electoral Commission

They are three centrists, the communist and right

At yesterday`s session of coordination council of centrist associations in the fraction State Duma Unity OVR and group the People`s Deputy have defined candidates whom they will suggest to enter into updated structure of the Central Electoral Commission. Till March, 24th when will expire a term of appointment of present structure TsIka, the State Duma should confirm five representatives. Besides centrists names of candidates named the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and Union of Right Forces. Other associations intend to be defined within the next few days.
into the Central Electoral Commission enter on five representatives of the president, federation and State Duma Council. From the structure the commission selects the chairman, its assistant and the secretary of the commission. Each four years structure TsIka is updated. On March, 24th expires a term of appointment of operating structure TsIka.
in the beginning of January chairman TSIKa Alexander Veshnjakov has carried out consultations of deputy associations about promotion of their representatives in the updated structure of the Central election committee. Then from nine Duma associations with the candidate the fraction of OVR which has put forward the deputy Valery Krjukova was defined only. Yesterday OVR have joined Unity the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Union of Right Forces and the People`s Deputy . Following the results of coordination council session (in it representatives Unities OVR, the People`s Deputy and Regions of Russia ) zamrukovoditelja fractions Unity Vladislav Reznik named five deputies whom centrists will recommend to the Duma as representatives of chamber in the Central Electoral Committee.
besides mister Krjukova centrists have decided to support offered Unity Elvira Ermakovu who has been put forward the People`s Deputy the present first deputy of chairman TSIKa Olga Zastrozhnuju, the candidate from Evgenie Koljushina`s Communist Party of the Russian Federation (which also enters into operating structure TsIka) and the Union of Right Forces of lawyer Vadim Prokhorov offered by fraction (it is member TSIKa with the deliberative vote right).
However, while it is impossible to name the list of the Duma candidates definitive. As it became known, the nominees are at fractions the Apple and LDPR. And as propose the candidate any fraction or deputy group can (irrespective of number), is not excluded that at plenary session of the State Duma the present list from five persons can already change. As have declared in the Apple the fraction will insist on Elena Dubrovinoj`s re-election which has been delegated four years ago to present structure of the Central Electoral Commission under the offer the Apple . In LDPR fraction also intend to expose the candidate - truth, its surname zhirinovtsy are going to name only today, after session of a high council of fraction. However it is obvious that the LDPR will not suggest to re-elect for new term of the present representative in TSIKe Evgenie Ishchenko: liberal democrats are dissatisfied with its work and recently even tried to withdraw mister Ishchenko from the Central Electoral Commission.
the agroindustrial group yet has not expressed desire to propose the candidate. As have informed in the group device, landowners quite accept a nominee of allies for the Duma of communists .
Voting by candidates is planned in the State Duma for February, 12th. And most likely, those candidates whom the coordination council yesterday has decided to support will be delegated to the Central Electoral Committee: voices of centrists, communists and right with interest will suffice on blocking any offers of other deputy associations.