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Sisters Williams will help a national team
Sisters Serena and Vinus Williams for the first time for last four years will support a tennis national team of the USA in draw of the Cup of federations. It declared the captain Bills - Gin King. Sisters will play in the first circle of tournament against Czech Republic national team. The match will pass 26 - on April, 27th in the American city of Lowell. Till April, 16th two more tennis-players who will be a part of a national team will be named.
by the way, in the history of competitions it will be only the fifth case when the first and second rackets WTA will act for one command.

Vladimir Klichko is disappointed by the contender
the World champion among heavyweights under the version of the World boxing organisation Ukrainian Vladimir Klichko slightly disappointed by a choice of the contender on the next fight in which it will protect a title: on March, 8th in German Hanover it will meet with 37 - summer South African Korri Sendersom. I am ready to defend the rank in fight with any contender. If the others have refused, it is necessary to box with that who has given the consent - so Vladimir Klichko has commented on work of the promoters from German company Universum Box Promotion. Canadian Kirk Johnson and American Fres Okendo were candidates on a duel also.
At the same time I would not began to underestimate Sendersa, - Vladimir Klichko in interview to an official site of brothers of Klichko has continued. - At it a quite good track record. It skilled enough fighter, the lefthander .
Meanwhile the world champion under the version of World boxing council Lennoks Lewis has declared that will fight nevertheless with brothers of Klichko - Vitaly and Vladimir but only after will converge on a ring with Mike Tyler. We will remind that on December, 20th last year Lewis has signed the contract on fight with Vitaly Klichko, but then the intention has refused, having considered that fight with Mike Tyler can bring to it much more profit. in the summer Lewis fights with Tyler. Then with Vitaly, and then and with Vladimir Klichko, - the trainer of British Emmanuel Stewart has declared. - after that Lennoks will finish career .

Vladimir Pljushchev has caused four beginners
Today in Sweden starts a final, fourth stage of hockey Euroround the Swedish games . The Head coach of Russian national team Vladimir Pljushchev has caused on gathering before the beginning of tournament of 28 hockey players. However, two from them - the forward Kazan Ak a leopard Alexander Koroljuk and the defender Moscow Krylja Sovetov Michael Ljubushin - were ill and have not arrived to Odintsovo where the command by tradition has spent final training gathering before competitions.
Vladimir Pljushchev has called in a national team of four beginners (not including diseased Ljubushina) - Ruslana Bernikova ( Krylja Sovetov ), Alexey Tereshchenko ( the Dynamo ) And also world champions as a part of Andrey Taratuhina`s youth team ( Avant-guard ) And Alexander Polushina (CSKA). Under regulations in the national team demand on the Swedish games 23 hockey players - 2 goalkeepers and 21 field player so, three from invited by Vladimir Pljushchevym will be eliminated will enter.
after three stages of Euroround Russians take the third place with 13 points and lag behind in the lead modular Finland on 4 points. The first match on the Swedish games Vladimir Pljushcheva`s wards will spend on Wednesday against Canadian national team which acts hors concours.
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the Locomotive has washed medals
On Saturday in it is sports - restaurant club Balikoti on the Big Ordynka has passed friendly, family a supper football the Locomotive devoted to a victory in the championship of Russia (official celebrations have taken place on Friday in the Kremlin where the command has received medals). The menu basis was made by the Italian and Osset dishes. Evening was conducted by crooner Felix Tsarikati. Delivery to the best player of autumn of the past season Vadim Yevseyev of the big plasma TV became one of the main events. Partners not only have congratulated the defender, but also have wished it the prompt recover - plaster is not removed from its injured right hand yet. The majority of players, despite cosy atmosphere, have spent at restaurant of all on an hour - two: next day at a command training has been appointed.