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Persecuted art has lost the patron

Jacob Bar Has died - Gera
the obituary

became known Yesterday that on January, 17th in Germany at the age of 78 years Jacob Bar - Gera - the well-known Cologne collector of the Soviet nonconformism has died. Tomorrow him will bury in Israel, in the city of Ramat - Hasharon.
the Polish Jew Jacob Bar - Gera was born in Ukraine. When he was 13 years old, parents have emigrated to Poland. Here he has tested all horrors of the German occupation. As he then remembered, to it has carried also it was six times has been rescued by representatives of the various countries . From Poland in a roundabout way he has got over to Palestin and has entered the Jewish liberation army - as he said, became the terrorist . While he was at war against Arabs, he has had time to graduate from the institute, and has left army in the beginning 50 - h in a rank of the lieutenant colonel.
the love to art to it was imparted by his wife Kenda. At first they were united by the general Jewish destiny - Kenda hardly was not lost in Osventsime, then hobby for Russian art. When they with the wife have returned to Europe, Kenda the Bar - Gera became the partner known nowadays galeristki Christina Gmurzhinsky collecting classical Russian avant-guard 1920 - h.
to the Suprematism and constructivism the heroic period the Soviet art of the spouse the Bar - Gera have preferred the Soviet underground glorified by persecutions of an epoch of Khruschev and Brezhnev. In 1970 - m they suited the first exhibition on which all heroes of nonconformism have been presented: from Ernest Neizvestnogo to Ilya Kabakova. According to Jacob Bar - Gera, all exhibits of its unique collection got to it different ways, including contraband.
under the information, Kenda and Jacob wanted to present a collection of Russia, but with a condition of creation of a special museum for this meeting. Nobody has become interested in their generous offer, and they have presented the collection to Israel. Soon the first-ever Museum of persecuted art on which base it will be created special scientifically - research institute there will open. Before presenting the collection to Israel, Jacob and Kenda have shown it in Petersburg, Moscow and Samara.
in Russia a collection the Bar - Gera has shown the first Russian museum. Yesterday, having learnt about death of the collector, the condolences of Kende the Bar - to Gera were sent by director Vladimir Gusev, its assistant for Evgenie Petrov`s scientific work, the co-ordinator of exhibition and publishing programs Joseph Kiblitsky and many other employees working over an exhibition Nonconformists - the second Russian avant-guard. 1955 - 1988 : we remember an exhibition in Russian museum from your collection. We know about your plans to open a museum in Israel. Jacob did not become too early. It was full of strength also hopes... But there are you, and you should continue that business to which together you have directed efforts so much and souls. Together with the condolence we address to you with the request not to recede from dream which to Jacob should not be realised up to the end .
Last time a family the Bar - Gera came to Russia one year ago. On an opening day in the Moscow museum of the modern art where the next exhibition from their richest archive opened, all live legends of the former art underground have gathered. It was similar to a meeting of veterans - artists examined archival photos, remembered room exhibitions, pogroms and happiness of creative friendship. In the centre of crowd of celebrities with a shining kind there was Jacob Bar - Gera, smiling to a happy smile of the parent who has lived to success of children.