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According to plan, for 2003 in Khabarovsk should be capitally repaired more than 13 kilometres of municipal intraquarter heating mains, but Alexander Sokolov has disposed to repair prior to the beginning of winter in addition 5 more kilometres. For today it is executed about 50 % from the plan. From 750 thousand t coal which are necessary for stock creation on city thermal power station, it is delivered almost 507 thousand t. Open Society Khabarovsk gorelektroset for August, 1st, 2003 has repaired 9 kilometres of a cable line and 73 prosummer - kilometres of a high-voltage line. From the beginning of 2003 in Khabarovsk have replaced more than 8 thousand prosummer - kilometres of water supply systems, almost 2 thousand prosummer - water drain kilometres.

As it was found out on board, today about 150 houses in Khabarovsk are disconnected from hot water supply, disregarding the buildings connected to thermal power station - 1 where planned repair work is spent. Concerning switching-off Alexander Sokolov has told: began to approach to it Easily. Learn to work on the basis of that legislation which exists . In spite of the fact that at city available housing iridescent prospects according to the head of department of power supply, fuel and Andrey Volokzhanina`s engineering communications, a number of the enterprises at all did not start to prepare a heating main and to prepare own zhilfondy for winter. But the municipal enterprises were ahead of schedule on replacement of struts of heating in apartment houses on 93 %. However it has not pleased the mister of Sokolov: At absolute deterioration than to be praised? From accident rescue winter conditions but if the next winter is colder, than two previous? .
Has got and Khabarovsk gorelektrosetjam to which management Alexander Sokolov has blamed that at existing volumes of repair it is impossible to contain an infrastructure of electric systems in an appropriate kind. The head of administration has asked not to forget that by preparation for winter additional tasks are given. About problems which the enterprises face at major repairs carrying out, the mayor has philosophically noticed: At everyone the burden, and it should be born .
Alexander Sokolov has established time for completion of a spadework - on September, 25th - and has demanded from the assistants under a private responsibility to provide the timely beginning of a cold season . Especially the mayor has asked to pay attention to preparation for winter of the enterprises - bankrupts. we should look for levers at level of federal structures - they make decisions on bankruptcy of the enterprises though the destiny of heating systems, zhilfonda is not solved. Actives are plundered, taken away or liquidated for nothing, and the municipal authority accepts it ownerless - the mayor of Khabarovsk has pessimistically noticed and has made the order to be connected to bankruptcy procedures through regional the Ministries of Property and terragentstva on affairs about an inconsistency (bankruptcy).