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Marat Kadyrov urozhal to blow up all

Yesterday in the morning in Khabarovsk the master asfalto - concrete factory Marat Kadyrov has grasped in hostages of court enforcement officer Alexander Tchernyshov. Marat Kadyrov kept in apartment of the court enforcement officer who has arrived for execution of the decision of Krasnoflotsky court about eviction, during a half an hour and threatened to blow up itself together with the juvenile son. After negotiations from the deputy chief of the regional Department of Internal Affairs colonel Yury Goncharov 34 - summer Marat Kadyrov has released the court enforcement officer and has surrendered to the authorities. Instead of an explosive the plasticine breadboard model is found out in Kadyrov with wires. Now he is in custody in Krasnoflotsky ROVD. The Krasnoflotsky Office of Public Prosecutor solves a question on criminal case excitation. As it became known the family of Kadyrovyh - Dimovyh became a victim of realtor operations with apartments. The family of Dimovyh has got over to Khabarovsk from Sakhalin in 1998 after tragedy in Neftegorske. Father-in-law Marata Kadyrov Vladimir Dimov has bought to the daughter and the son-in-law two-room apartment for $17,5 thousand the Former tenants of apartment 103 along the street Pacific, 201, the family Dear, under the exchange contract has driven in four-room stalinku along the street Rudnev, 38. Documents were made out nowadays by already nonexistent realtor firm of Open Company ZHilsotsservis however subsequently the court recognised all operations with real estate illegal. At their carrying out without habitation there was a former mistress of apartment in the street Rudnev madam Glinina, she has written the application in Krasnoflotsky Office of Public Prosecutor with the request to restore justice. The Krasnoflotsky Office of Public Prosecutor in interests of juvenile child Glininoj initiated the claim about a recognition of transactions with real estate the illegal.
for five years has passed more than ten judicial sessions, the claim Igor Dorogoj, the present owner of apartment has submitted to court in the street Rudnev. Judges of Krasnoflotsky court five times took out decisions. Last decision of the judge of Natalia Gojda has come into force in April, 2003. It consists in moving seven Dimovyh - Kadyrovyh from two-room apartment without habitation granting, to return its Dear, and to move Dear of four-room - to return its Glininoj. The situation becomes complicated that in all families there are juvenile children.
yesterday in the morning court enforcement officer Alexander Tchernyshov with colleagues has come to apartment 103 along the street Pacific to carry out the decision of Krasnoflotsky court. Marat Kadyrov prepared for a meeting: primotal to a hand an explosive model. Has started in Alexander Tchernyshov`s apartment and has closed a door, threatening to blow up all. To a scene the militia has been caused. After negotiations with the deputy chief of the regional Department of Internal Affairs colonel Yury Goncharov 34 - the summer master asfalto - concrete factory has surrendered to law enforcement bodies.
as Marat Kadyrov who is now in Krasnoflotsky ROVD, " has told; Me have simply finished, in this business it is full nespravedlivostej, claims of the suffered families are accepted, civil cases are got, and criminal case upon swindle souchreditelja not existing not so Open Company ZHilsotsservis mister Tjurganova in Office of Public Prosecutor do not raise. The assistant to the public prosecutor of Krasnoflotsky Office of Public Prosecutor Larissa Krikovtsova and has told - you have nothing to count . Sites of mister Tjurganova at the moment it is not known, presumably it is in Moscow.
Tatyana Dimovoj`s lawyer, spouses Marata Kadyrov, Tatyana Dyachenko has told that at the moment the Krasnoflotsky Office of Public Prosecutor solves a question on Marata Kadyrov`s arrest at 72 o`clock and about excitation of criminal case upon capture of the hostage. In the contract on apartment purchase and sale along the street Pacific 201 - 103 the sum - 90 tys roubles is specified, and Tatyana Dimova who has suffered from a double restitution can count only on this sum.
Besides, the situation becomes complicated aversions between Igor Dorogim and Maratom Kadyrov. According to Tatyana Dyachenko`s lawyer, business will last to the first corpse . While execution of the decision of Krasnoflotsky court about eviction from apartment is postponed for 10 days. On August, 21st court enforcement officers again will come to move seven Dimovyh.