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Volga have equated to Ford Mondeo

Yesterday Gorki automobile factory (GAS) for the first time has booked comparative audit of the car Volga GAS - 3110 with Ford Mondeo car on system NOVA - C. The given technique includes survey of elements of internal and external furnish. Thus the design and car equipment, and also its technical characteristics - that just interests the consumer are not considered. Following the results of audit experts Gaza have come to unexpected to a conclusion that Gaza - the companies which works on the world standards - is, to what to aspire. Other result was that the Nizhniy Novgorod experts have revealed the errors admitted by manufacture of a foreign car. Whether practice of comparative audit gazovskih models and cars of world manufacturers while it is not known will proceed. Comparative audit Volga - 3110 and Ford Mondeo became an unprecedented case. According to the assistant to the general director of Open Society GAS on Svetlana Shidlovsky`s quality, for last year quality of production let out by car factory has raised. Therefore the ambitious decision to compare it with cars of world manufacturers was accepted. Ford Mondeo choice was not casual. As has explained a press - Open Society service GAS though cars also concern different classes and price categories, at them a similar structure of power units. The second reason became 100 - letie release of the first car of Ford. Besides, the American firm of Ford Motor Company helped at building of Gorki car factory and rendered the technical help at the organisation and adjustment of mass production of cars of type of Ford - And and lorries of type of Ford - AA.
          Comparative audit of power characteristics on   to technique NOVA - C it was spent by experts of management on   to quality of Open Society « GAS » and   the engineering service centre of firm « Nizhegorodets ». It is remarkable that the given technique not   includes in   itself an estimation of design of the car and   its equipment. On   technical parametres gazovtsy too have solved not   to focus attention. In a word, comparison of all those characteristics which are interesting to the consumer, remained for   a shot. That, however, quite explainably.

Technique NOVA - C includes in   itself survey of elements internal and   external furnish with   the points of view of the consumer, check of working capacity of functional knots. Such checks reveal the defects, imperceptible to the ordinary consumer. Them   show to representatives of internal divisions with   the purpose of elimination of defects and   improvements of quality of production.
in   to technique NOVA - C the mark estimation on   is used; degrees of discontent of the consumer: If 1 %,   is dissatisfied; a point   and #151; 0,1.

          On   to results of survey, according to the given reports, the car « Volga » GAS - 3110 has typed 13,75 points, Ford Mondeo   and #151; 8,95. At   foreign cars of experts Gaza not   lobbies and   have arranged; back doors. On   them   to opinion, they had bad appearance and   vypleski contact welding, and   the luggage carrier cover sank down concerning a wing. About   appearance of doors « Volga » in   the presented report not   it is told anything. Probably, they were pleasant to experts more. However, and   at   « Volga » lacks have been revealed. For example, in   car salon there is a big backlash between the panel and   a ware box, a small backlash between the console both   a seat and   a non-uniform backlash between the panel and   Unprofitable inclined rack. A back door « Volga » has been a little deformed, on   a trench of a drain of rain water it is found out prozhog, vyplesk contact welding and   dents, the cowl has been incorrectly adjusted.
          as Svetlana Shidlovsky summarised, the booked comparative audit has shown that Gaza which works on   to the world standards, for the present is, to   to that to aspire. A conclusion more than « unexpected ». Another, consolatory for car factory a result of a steel of an error by manufacture which were found out by the Nizhniy Novgorod experts. Will proceed   whether practice of comparative audit or this case remains unprecedented while it is not known.