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On the Surf has washed off the general director

As yesterday it became known a management of the Russian agency on shipbuilding ( Rossudostroenie ) Has refused to prolong the contract with Alexander Dygaem, the general director Taganrog FGUP the Surf entering into agency structure. In Moscow assert that the old age of the general director (69 years) became the resignation reason. However on other sources, mister Dygaj did not wish, that its enterprise was a part of defensive concern Sea instrument making for as has retired.
FGUP the Surf - one of the largest enterprises of Taganrog, created in the beginning 90 - h years on the basis of defensive factory. Enters into the state holding Rossudostroenie . Is engaged in working out and manufacturing of the radar-tracking equipment for the military ships and submarines.

As it became known from sources in Rossudostroenii on July, 25th has expired term of the contract which the agency concluded with the general director Taganrog FGUP Surf Alexander Dygaem then the holding management has refused to prolong it. Fulfilling duties of the general director the chief engineer of factory Anatoly Derkunsky is appointed. According to head Rossudostroenija Vladimir Pospelov, an agency cause of a failure to prolong the contract the age of mister Dygaja (next year he will mark the 70 - letie) has served exclusively. According to the head of federal agency, to the general director the Surf for a long time already it was time on the deserved rest.

however, a source in Rossudostroenii has noticed that its resistance aktsionirovaniju " became the true reason of resignation of mister Dygaja; the Surf and to enterprise occurrence in defensive holding Sea instrument making . This idea has arisen at the commander-in-chief of the Navy Vladimir Kuroedova during its visit to Taganrog in April, 2002. Then the commander-in-chief of the Navy has made the decision on occurrence of two local enterprises FGUP the Surf and FGUP the Red hydropress in specialised all-Russian holdings for simplification of placing on them of export and Russian orders. According to this decision, the Red hydropress in December, 2002 has entered into corporation Tactical rocket arms . However head the Surf Alexander Dygaj who has worked more of 26 years at the head of factory, acted categorically against such prospect, believing that in the holding intended to it Sea instrument making to its enterprise favourable orders from VPK will not be provided.

Not the best relations have developed at mister Dygaja and with the regional authorities. In the ministry of the industry, power and natural resources RO have informed that in regional administration some years are dissatisfied with its work in the last. According to the head of department of the industry Victor Klepova though the factory has been best prepared for work in the conditions of the market, accounts payable the Surf for today makes 48,3 million roubles, from - for what judicial executors for debts had already been described and exposed on the auctions a number of the welfare projects belonging to factory. As have noticed in Rossudostroenii contest for vacancy of the general director " is already declared; the Surf which results will be brought on September, 10th. It was not possible to receive the comment of mister Dygaja, as it does not appear any more on the workplace and evades from meetings with journalists.