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Robbie Williams the Popular executor of bottoms has replaced tablets
- music English singer Robbie Williams has come to a conclusion that the depression reason into which it runs from time to time, is covered in a tranquilizer ekstazi. In a youth it very much was fond of this means and has consumed a large quantity of tablets. And here now the singer has decided to share the problems with public in hope that its bitter experience will help another to avoid repetition of its errors.
in interview to the leader of British radio channel Radio 1 Saroj Coke mister Williams has tried to explain the scheme of influence of a stimulator on a brain of the person. when you accept ekstazi, your brain starts to make a large quantity of the substance named serotonin which forces you to think ` Here is cool! ` - the singer with enthusiasm told. - And you think so because serotonin demands more and more stimulators, and then the brain ceases to develop serotonin, and there comes depression .
Mister Williams is distressed that it is not accepted to speak about depression aloud, and would like to break this taboo.
now it accepts tablets from depression and feels much better. It is not known only, than this new hobby of the popular singer will come to an end.

Silvio Berlusconi is afraid only of spiders
Premieres - the minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi always made impression of the person which uneasy to intimidate. But, it appears, exists things which cause in it feeling of panic fear mixed up with disgust. And it at all members of German parliament or its political opponent Romano Prodi, and ordinary spiders. The matter is that indestructible mister Berlusconi suffers arachnophobia with which has, seemingly, infected also members of the Italian parliament where its supporters have the overwhelming majority. One of these days the Italian legislators have passed the law forbidding import in the country of poisonous spiders, scorpions and other creeping creatures. as I understand, these measures follow from fear of premieres - the minister before spiders - the representative of parliamentary opposition Luigi Merduri has commented on the initiative of the colleagues.
Especially all were surprised with not so much maintenance, how many speed from which the new law has passed through parliament. It has allowed an opposition occasion to reproach once again mister Berlusconi that it uses the high position for achievement of own purposes. As it is known, the prime minister - the minister and simultaneously the richest person in Italy and without that is constantly occupied by that beats off from charges in pushing through of the business interests at the expense of the considerable political influence. what you took: justice, television and even spiders, - everywhere where Berlusconi has been got mixed up, you will find abusing office position - has told about it the former Minister of Health Rozi Bindi.

Dalaj - the llama suffers from a celibacy
Head of the Tibetan Buddhists who has many years ago vowed a celibacy and has devoted the life to prayers and good deeds, recently admitted that at times very much suffers from absence in his life of female caress.
in interview to the editor of the international edition of magazine Reader ` s Digest on a question that from this that to well usual people, it very much it would be desirable to test Konradu Kichelu, the spiritual leader tibettsev has specified in area of a groin and has burst out laughing. I very much do not have here it, - has told dalaj - the llama and has specified that nevertheless at all is not sorry about the destiny which has dropped out on its share. for monks and conventuals the celibacy at all is not obligatory, - he has explained. - our purpose - to try to avoid displays of negative emotions. The sexual inclination and love attachment - things very pleasant, but at times they become a source of jealousy, anger and hatred .
Among other things, dalaj - the llama has expressed doubts that could become the good father. He admitted that with it, as well as with his father, there are the fits of anger resulting from its fieriness. Happened, it gave vent to the emotions, scorching on hawks from a gun. I like to feed birds, - have told dalaj - the llama. - but if during this moment in the sky there is a hawk, it so deduces me from itself that I undertake a wind gun . Thus dalaj - the llama has hastened to add that according to spirit of a nonviolence it does not set as the purpose to hit a hawk, and simply wants it to frighten off.
in conversation which passed in a monastery in vicinities of the city of Dharmasala in the north of India where dalaj - the lady now lives in exile, conversation has inevitably come about relations between the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people and the Chinese authorities. Dalaj - the llama admitted that Mao Tszedunom took pleasure in dialogue with late. During official dinners it put me near to itself(himself) and pottered with me as with the native son, even fed from the hands, - he has told. - undoubtedly, it was the great revolutionary, but at the same time in it was much from the simple peasant .
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