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Peasants will force to work three times faster

Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production of Tatarstan it is disturbed low start harvesting of 2003. Yesterday the deputy minister of agriculture and the foodstuffs of Tatarstan Tahir Hadeev has declared that agricultural manufacturers from - for the late beginnings of a harvest season should harvest in deadlines - in two weeks. Otherwise losses which can reach 20 - 25 kg of grain from each hectare of an arable land are inevitable. Mister Hadeev considers that peasants can increase rates of works in 3 times. Tatarstan where the state ownership on the earth dominates, has reduced this year areas under crops from 1,6 million in hectare to 1,46 million in hectare. - the areas which are taken away under a rye and all kinds summer were most of all reduced to 91 thousand in hectare and 66 thousand in hectare accordingly. These kinds of grain crops are on sale from year to year actually for nothing. Meanwhile, the conjuncture of the grain market developing today stimulates cultivation of food wheat, brewing barley and grechihi. For this reason Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production RT has increased this year volumes of the areas under the named cultures.
nevertheless, reduction of crops will not affect harvesting. Under the forecast of Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production RT, valovyj grain gathering this year will remain at level 5,7 - 5,8 million tons that completely will satisfy internal requirements of republic. The attempt of local authorities However, undertaken two years ago to translate village on market principles of managing has failed, and the budget has returned again to delivery of commodity credits to agricultural manufacturers. This year the Republican food corporation and the budget of Tatarstan have allocated for village state support 2 mlrd rbl. Yesterday Tahir Hadeev supervising in Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production questions of agriculture, has expressed concern in connection with low rates of the begun cleaning of the grain. From - for adverse weathers of an economy have started to kosovitse on two weeks after the usual. earlier we began cleaning 17 - on July, 20th, and this year it was possible to start only 3 - on August, 4th. Therefore agricultural manufacturers still have not enough time - two weeks. Otherwise grain will start to be showered and peasants risk to lose on 20 - 25 kg of grain from each hectare - has noted the deputy minister. Mister Hadeev considers that peasants should increase rates of works three times, and all conditions for this purpose are created by the authorities. it is necessary to work simply - the technics is available in enough, PETROLEUM PRODUCTS are released at reduced price, people are - so has answered zamglavy Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production questions of journalists on the reasons of backlog of works in several regions of republic. Among them mister Hadeev named Bavlinsky, Bugulminsky and Tetjushsky areas.