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wait for visitors fitness - festival in Gostini dvor

Recently fitness becomes fashionable more and more. But whether we, what know it actually the such? That who is assured that concept fitness it is settled by shaping, bodybuilding, a sauna and the massage, Moscow international fitness opening on Wednesday - festival promises many surprises. Of them the correspondent " has tried to anticipate some; - Sports Peter Mironenko.
Abroad fitness - festivals are spent already for a long time. Most well-known of them passes in the Italian Rimini. Certainly, its scales are non-comparable to the Moscow: last, fifteenth festival in Rimini has visited more than 450 thousand people. There advertising is even not necessary to it: about it know all. That, however, it is no wonder: when in Italy passed the first festival, in our country still were engaged in delivery of norms GTO.
So it is no wonder that in Russia, despite growing popularity of a healthy way of life, idea fitness - festival can cause mistrust. We have many prejudices concerning a healthy way of life. For many representation about fitness is limited by gym limits, a maximum - saunas. Organizers of festival want to prove the return. In their opinion, fitness it is not simple inflating of muscles and utonchenie waists. Differently, in a word combination a healthy way of life key there are last two words. Fitness is an employment of those people which in the day off do not take seat with beer at the TV, and prefer productive leisure. Let it at all parachute jumps, and easier trips on a bicycle.
having heard words fitness - festival the person unaware will think: all is clear, an exhibition of training apparatus. At the best will allow to beat on a boxing pear. However organizers Moscow fitness - festival underline: it not the exhibition, and is faster than show. Thus one of its slogans - the Test - a drive for four days . That all presented exhibits is possible Means will not only touch, but also to use for the designated purpose. That is, for example, new model krossovok it is possible will not only measure, but also to try on a racetrack. And then, certainly, and to buy. The last, by the way, concerns not only visitors, but also to owners fitness - clubs which usually do not miss possibility to fill up the arsenal the advanced training apparatus.
the platform on which takes place festival, is extensive. It occupies all premise of the Moscow Gostini dvor and is divided into sections. Each of them is devoted a certain kind of productive leisure which will be presented in all variety. For example, one of the biggest projects of organizers of festival - pejntbolnaja a platform. Certainly, the paintball indoors can seem strange, but not everyone has time for a trip for a city in specialised club. And here directly in the centre of Moscow it is possible to do some shooting each other a paint and to make to itself at least the general idea that such a paintball. By the way, a paintball - the only thing, for what organizers raise an additional payment. All the rest enters into ticket cost.
one more fighting festival section becomes East quarter . From the name follows that here representatives of east martial arts will show the skill. By the way, the chance to see in one place of performance of masters of various schools from Japan, China, Thailand and India infrequently is represented. In East quarter there is also a yoga pavilion: it appears, this ancient art too quite in is entered in concept fitness . However, the program East quarter Leaves for the Asian frameworks: performance of professionals kapoejry promises to become one of the most fascinating shows of festival - this Brazilian kind of the martial arts combined with dance, now becomes more and more popular in the world. And for fans of less exotic kinds of single combats at festival there will be an armwrestling section where it is possible will and look at performances of sportsmen - professionals, and to brag of own grip of steel.
for those who prefers to battle not with similar, and with the wild nature (or at least the space will be its imitation), at festival too. First of all six-metre skalodrom, with conquest of heights on which the visitor will be helped by the skilled instructor. Without professionals will not manage here again: for them lifting of the raised complexity on a site in height of 20 metres, leaving under the roof of Gostini dvor will be arranged.
in next with skalodromom sections visitors will storm heights more low. But is not easier at all - not so - that easily to climb up even a low stage on rollers, a skateboard and a bicycle. Besides, in section a scooter - and cycling visitors will see demonstration performances advanced Moscow ekstremalov in artistic skejtinge, a trial and other, not less entertainment disciplines. And abrupt skejtery and scooters will give to beginners pair of councils about extreme driving.
solid visitors of festival will obviously find the place on the golf course. Beginners can put pair of the first exact blows aside lunki by means of instructors. By the way, it is known that in a golf depends on correct equipment (see about it p. 30) much: that there are at least 14 kinds of sticks). And in this section golfisty can try before lunkoj - and at desire and to get directly on a place - all advanced tools.
certainly, the place at festival traditional kinds of fitness will occupy also. In particular, bodybuilding. In corresponding section will pass performances professional Mr. Olympia . And in parallel wishing to approach the forms to seen on a scene can receive consultations of trainers and dieticians. Whether it is necessary to add what to check up these councils in business it will be possible at once, having used any of modern training apparatus which, naturally, will be presented in all variety, and then having visited a sports bar. Thus it is not necessary to forget that fitness is not only force, but also beauty. To be convinced of it it will be possible, having come into section Beauty and Wellness. There to you not only will visually explain how to become photomodel, but also will make akvamassazh, will arrange a session of an aromatherapy and will invite in a sauna and a sun deck. And therefrom it will be possible to go straight on show of a sports fashion to invest the got prettier body with a corresponding suit.
the Finishing detail which does a campaign on fitness - festival by high-grade family action, - a platform of children`s fitness with attractions and training apparatus. Trainings and children`s competitions will be spent Here, and with the child the skilled trainer will work. That allows to hope that through one and a half ten years your children will come on the fifteenth Moscow fitness - festival.

20. 08 - 23. 08
the Moscow international open festival of fitness and health
Moscow, Gostini dvor
Street Ilyinka, 4
the ticket Price - 150 roubles; children till 12 years - it is free
(095 101 4407 (the organizer of festival - company RTE - Expo)