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Rusal has shared lot Nornikelja

On Wednesday strike of workers on Achinsk aluminous industrial complex (Krasnoyarsk region) belonging to the company " has begun; Russian aluminium . Workers assert that it is a unique way to achieve payment of awards, indexations of the salary and to prevent a conclusion of actives from the enterprise. The industrial complex administration asserts that in general knows nothing about requirements of strikers. First twenty workers of Achinsk aluminous industrial complex (AGK) have begun a protest action past Monday. In the beginning they have refused work, and have then gone on hunger strike and have spent unapproved picket. According to leaders of alternative trade-union committee of industrial complex Sotsprof and initiators of the action of Anatoly Kutikova and Ljubovi Kolesovoj, with arrival on AGK Russian aluminium the real lawlessness there has come. At these capitalists one purpose - to make of the person of the silent slave of whom it is possible to make profit . Concrete claims protesting formulate less pathosly. They assert that recently the enterprise administration regularly deprives of workers of awards, does not index a salary, and also actively deduces from the enterprise actives and workers. According to initiators of the action, reduction at factory recently have got catastrophic character .
Last drop for Sotsprofa there was a transfer by industrial complex of own thermal power station on service to private enterprise Ivanov and To . It was offered to employees of thermal power station to pass also to work in this firm. Under the administration version, with preservation of a salary and all social guarantees . Members of trade union have refused to make it, therefore, as they said, have undergone to persecutions from administration . Anatoly Kutikov and Kolesov`s Love have been ostensibly illegally discharged of work, and four more person have translated for the hourly working day. After that Sotsprof has begun a protest action, having addressed in regional mass-media and to the public prosecutor of Achinsk.
yesterday Sotsprof has got powerful support from the deputy of the State Duma Oleg Sheyin who has declared that for the resolution of conflict it is ready to take out a question on a protest action on autumn session of the State Duma for now has assured strikers that all Russian trade unions are solidary with the colleagues from Achinsk . According to mister Sheyin, Rusal for a long time has assigned to itself reputation of the company regularly breaking the rights of workers.
the enterprise administration became unique instance to which strikers have not addressed with the requirements. As the representative of the basic trade union of industrial complex (unlike " has declared on Wednesday at press conference in Krasnoyarsk; Sotsprofa With twenty members, it totals some thousand persons) Edward Razinovsky, almost about all actions of strikers ourselves learn from mass-media, they do not want to meet us . As to requirements of strikers the administration considers their illegal. for us it looks so - people simply have not come for work. And, by the way, having notified nobody that any actions " will carry out; - the head of the press-service of industrial complex Michael Tersky has stated a position of management AGK.
According to representatives of administration AGK, they are ready to sit down at any time with strikers for a negotiating table, but those categorically do not wish it to do. Management AGK and the basic trade-union committee assert that simply do not understand, that achieve striking though are assured that the action main objective - to provoke on AGK the conflict. Sotsprof it does very often, and its requirements at times are beyond the legislation - Edward Razinovsky is assured.
Sources suspect of management AGK that Sotsprof use for rendering of pressure upon proprietors of the enterprise. We will remind that earlier alternative trade union GMK Norilsk nickel led by Valery Melnikovym has so successfully spent similar protest actions that has typed a majority of votes on elections of the mayor of a polar city. Elections, truth, have been then cancelled. Then in a press assumptions that for Norilsk strikers costs " were come out; Rusal which was dissatisfied with a victory on governor`s elections in Krasnoyarsk region the native from Nornikelja Alexander Hloponina. Now the similar situation is developed in Achinsk which is the centre of the election district with the same name on elections in the State Duma. Traditionally the district is considered aluminium however, seemingly, it suits not all.