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Sergey Glazyev have supported in a companionable way

Yesterday in a conference hall of presidium of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk Academgorodok news agency the Companion has tried to collect representatives of the is left-patriotic press. Organizers of a meeting have warned at once settled down for a round table journalists that special hopes in break of information blockade and in struggle for awakening of consciousness of weights rest upon them. According to the correspondent OLGA KOCHETOVOJ, at all it is less on them the known economist and politician Sergey Glazyev counts on the threshold of parliamentary elections. The action organisation, to tell the truth, has appeared not at height. First, arrived to opening of a forum journalists-observers within an hour had to miss in loneliness: delegates of patriotic mass-media have arrived for forty minutes after the planned beginning of session. Members of organising committee nervously explained that All of them now will bring from hotel . In gradually filled foyer of a conference hall and there were no representatives of regional administration promised earlier and the mayoralty, has ignored a forum of the oppositional press and pair of the invited deputies of a Novosibirsk regional council.
to Use a case and to acquaint colleagues with the creativity (having scattered newspapers on little tables) have hastened novosibirtsy from newspapers the Socialist the Novosibirsk member of the Komsomol and editions under absolutely harmless name the Circle of friends . The editor of the last, confusedly smiling, minutes ten unsuccessfully tried to paste to wall-paper an adhesive tape posters with kinds of Cuba. Judging by structure of participants, the is left-patriotic press or concentrates exclusively in Novosibirsk, or is presented is national-news agency the Companion whose regional stringery and a management almost have completely gathered under a roof of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science.
the Opening address has sounded from the assistant to the editor-in-chief the Companion Igor Malerova who has set at once the necessary tone to action. He has informed about going to Russia to war on submission of consciousness of people which main weapon are the largest a tele- and radio channels, mnogotirazhnye newspapers. The last, on belief of the lecturer, establish total control over reason of the Russian citizens, promoting strengthening of monopoly of the state power on the information. However, the curtsey to Novosibirsk regional administration has there and then sounded: Mahler`s mister has noticed that in rare region oppositional mass-media are presented in such quantity.
further the forum course has taken a little unexpected turn. Along with a ruling mode the lecturer has begun to criticise and traditional opposition, densely won monopoly for rendering of oppositional services to the population . Mass-media as a skating rink unroll unique competent economist Sergey Glazyev, and it is favourable both the authorities, and oppositions - the representative of news agency then all has fallen into place has declared. Recently mister Glazyev had serious disagreements with a Communist Party management ( wrote about it) which can change an alignment of forces on forthcoming parliamentary elections. Besides, at a conference hall there were the PR managers which activity also connect with interests of mister Glazyev.
the theme of prospects of opposition was continued by the correspondent of Novosibirsk radio the Word Yury Kurjanov. The opposition, in its opinion, will survive only having won the Internet and FM-stations and having modernised lexicon of own printing editions. To be guided it has offered on a victory and power aesthetics the Bolshevist poster of times of Civil war You have registered in volunteers?! However, on self-improvement time is till 2008. Mister Kurjanov is assured that in this political season communists of a victory will not gain.
claims to quality of newspaper publications were in a patriotic press and at the deputy of the Novosibirsk City Council Alexander Ljulko - one of leading authors of the patriotic newspaper Fatherland . In its opinion, many editions do not maintain the intellectual criticism and at those who maintains this criticism, mister Ljulko is convinced, there are problems with distribution. About pressure of the authorities it was supported by the editor the unique publication representing a new press in Republic Altai, - newspapers Solidarity - Michael Salnenko.
the Forum has come to the end with acceptance of the Charter of the free press. The left mass-media have declared the ideological, economic and spiritual opposition to an existing mode then were put forward in a direction of a chimney hall of restaurant of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science on a buffet table.