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To Astrakhan has come Kazan

Yesterday to Astrakhan after end 10 - day visit of friendship across Caspian sea there has arrived the steam-ship Kazan . On its board there are participants scientifically - practical conference the Great Volga way . Conference is one of the joint organizational actions connected with 300 - letiem St.-Petersburg and 1000 - letiem the bases of Res - the public Tatarstan who are the initiator of this project. During visit of friendship participants of conference the Great Volga way have visited ports of all near-Caspian states, except Turkmenia. As has declared after the arrival to Astrakhan the head of the Russian delegation the special representative of the president of the Russian Federation concerning Caspian sea, the deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation Victor Kalyuzhny, As a whole, participants of conference have carried out the problem set for them on economic and cultural association of the cities lying on a route of the Great Volga way .
In a course scientifically - the practical conferences which have taken place in Astrakhan, Baku, Aktau and Teheran, problems of ecological safety, a direction of economic cooperation and ethnocultural interaction of regions from Baltic to Caspian sea have been considered. Representatives of a management and the business circles of regions of Russia located on Great Volzhsk of a way have taken part in conference work.
signing of the Teheran declaration which provides creation of Association of cities of the Great Volga way became its result. It is not excluded that the new organisation can exist as within the limits of existing structures, for example, the international transport corridor the North - the South and it is independent. The staff - Association apartment is planned to place in Kazan.
Victor Kalyuzhny also has underlined that its stay onboard the steam-ship Kazan it was not limited to formal stay in a role of the passenger. During three-day visit to Iran it has met the colleague - the special representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran across Caspian sea Mehdi of the Safari and has carried on negotiations with official high-ranking officials of the country concerning strengthening Russian - the Iranian cooperation in various spheres and to the questions infringing on the general interests on Caspian sea. And representatives of Astrahan - skoj areas and Republics Tatarstans have held meetings with a management of northern and central provinces of Iran on which have considered directions of improvement of the regional cooperation having good bases for the further development.
answering a question how much for Russia the idea of association of the people of Volga today is important, Victor Kalyuzhny has answered that Volga as the main waterway of Russia, always played an important role in development of the international economic relations. Today the navigable way on the main street of Russia is an important link of the Euroasian commercial relations, uniting 90 cities and 30 countries of the world. This way can provide the further development of a transport corridor the North-south having strategic value for Russia .
Present visit to ports of the near-Caspian states, probably, will promote the decision of other painful problem for Russia - definition of the status of Caspian sea. Here not all so is simple, - Victor Kalyuzhny has explained. - today when on Caspian sea the new near-Caspian states were formed, in main bjudzhetoobrazujushchej to a basis the power problem lies. And, in spite of the fact that by northern part the power problem is solved between Russia and Kazakhstan, Russia and Azerbaijan, and also now comes to an end between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, I want to tell that it is possible to understand each state which tries to win on Caspian sea bolshee for itself a field. It is clear. And that all - taki to come to a consensus, it is necessary, naturally, time .
Besides, he has noticed that mutual understanding between all five states is already found in organisation frameworks JUNEP on preservation of the environment. The agreement, most likely, will be signed in November. It will be the first five-sided document. Now it is almost co-ordinated.
Irina Najda