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Creditors search for actives of aluminium factory

Yesterday the Voronezh arbitration court has prolonged procedure of bankruptcy of Open Society the Voronezh factory of building aluminium designs for two months. Bankruptcy term has ended on July, 25th, and competitive managing director Alexey Karjakin petitioned for prolongation of procedure of bankruptcy on half a year. He has explained prolongation of procedure of bankruptcy to that for a year has not had time to sell all property of aluminium factory and consequently has not paid off with creditors. Thus mister Karjakin and not could to name intelligibly firms which he has sold all equipment of aluminium factory.       as told both #132; and #147; (on February, 23rd), on April, 15th, 2002 on Open Society VZSAK under the initiative It is central - Chernozemnogo of bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation in connection with nepogasheniem within three months of the large accounts payable exceeding 37 million of rbl. Supervision procedure (the first stage of bankruptcy), and since July, 25th of last year   has been entered; - competitive management. Arbitration managing director VZSAK is Alexey Karjakin. On November, 20th, 2002 the committee of creditors of the Voronezh aluminium factory has conferred to managing director Alexey Karjakinu of power on sale of property of factory without auction and competition.
      for control over aluminium factory three groups   struggle; - the former general director VZSAK Anatoly Naumov (it is now condemned for deliberate bankruptcy of aluminium factory), the Moscow company of Joint-Stock Company BAMO - Building materials which VZSAK owe to 194 million rbl. (the basic creditor of factory) and the Ural industrial group Metlajngrupptrast which arbitration managing director Alexey Karjakin has given factory to management.
      Yesterday at arbitration court session competitive managing director Alexey Karjakin has asked to prolong term of procedure of bankruptcy for six months. The lawyer of mister Karjakina Boris Bondarenko has told that because the managing director had to have legal proceedings much on return of property and to carry on negotiations on return of deduced actives VZSAK in Open Society VZAK in It is mountain - Altajske, mister Karjakin has not had time to estimate and sell all real estate of factory in target dates. Vessels present at session creditors of Open Society VZSAK have asked Alexey Karjakina to deliver the report on work for a year. However Boris Bondarenko has informed that the managing director under the law About bankruptcy it is not obliged before the termination of competitive management to deliver the report on the done work. Mister Bondarenko has informed court only that for a year of procedure of bankruptcy at factory all real estate has been estimated and sold for 55 million rbl. almost And this money has not got to creditors of factory, because has gone on operational expenditure VZSAK.
      According to the lawyer of basic creditor VZSAK Joint-Stock Company BAMO - Building materials Sergey Shlabovicha, the managing director for a year of competitive manufacture has not paid off with one creditor VZSAK, therefore it is not known, than he was engaged the whole year . The arbitration has considered wishes of creditors and has prolonged term of competitive manufacture for Open Society VZSAK till September, 26th also has obliged mister Karjakina to present to creditors and court the entire account about the activity.
      on a question of the correspondent both #132; and #147; about the one to whom all equipment of aluminium factory is sold, mister Karjakin has answered: I do not know . It has explained that since July, 1st, 2003 of Open Society VZSAK Has stopped any economic activities, therefore all money obtained from sale of seized property, now will go only on calculation with creditors. According to creditors VZSAK, all equipment of aluminium factory, most likely, has been sold by the founded Ural industrial group Metlajngrupptrast Open Society companies Aluminium of Chernozem region .
      the Lawyer of Joint-Stock Company BAMO - Building materials Sergey Shlabovich considers that bankruptcy procedure from the very beginning was illegally and, having received the report of mister Karjakina on work, BAMO - Building materials through court will challenge sale of actives VZSAK.