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it will be free of charge warm to nobody

Yesterday in administration of the Irkutsk region has passed selector meeting with heads of eight municipalities of Angarski Krai, breaking schedules of preparation for a cold season. The assistant to the governor Sergey Brilka, having listened to reports of the officials who are responsible for preparation by winter, named their work unsatisfactory. He has suggested local authorities to solve financial problems, collecting debts from the population more actively, and also to accelerate creation of management companies in housing and communal services sphere.
opening selector meeting on preparation for a cold season, zamgubernatora Angarski Krai Sergey Brilka has reminded present that prior to the beginning of a cold season in southern areas of area (on September, 15th - ) There was one month, in northern - hardly more than two weeks. Then zamgubernatora has declared that territories break the schedule of preparation for winter. As he said, passports of readiness for reception in operation in area have received only 514 houses from 39 thousand 807 (1,3 % from all available housing) and 38 boiler-houses from 1660.

Then representatives of administrations of eight lagging behind areas have reported about the spent work. Judging by the reports, all objects of housing and communal services hardly will be ready in time. Thus assistants to mayors and experts in municipal services assured mister Brilku that use the best efforts and complained of a lack of means. For example, mayor Ust - Ylym area Vitaly Homjakov has declared that all to copeck now removes from the budget on preparation for winter but means all the same does not suffice: from the planned 10 million rbl. it is allocated only 2. It was found out that in Ust - Ylym area half of available housing and less than third of boiler-houses is made ready for the winter only. Even worse affairs are in Kujtunsky area. According to the adviser for housing and communal services of administration of municipality of Sergey Seredkina, from 56 boiler-houses it is prepared only 14, and replacement of shabby heating systems did not start yet.
having listened to reports, zamgubernatora Sergey Brilka ascertained that work is conducted unsatisfactorily. As he said, on Wednesday governor Boris Govorin has decided to pay all debts on a salary in dotatsionnyh area areas. According to Sergey Brilki, it will help mayors of territories to liberate means on preparation for winter.
also mister Brilka has reminded gathered that, according to all available information, the population of the Irkutsk region has run into debt to the enterprises of housing and communal services more than 1 mlrd rbl. If you fear the population like the plague, what for then were selected? - has asked zamgubernatora heads of areas. do not want or cannot pay - let fulfil on an accomplishment of own house, it will be free of charge warm to nobody - Sergey Brilka has declared and has advised to mayors to accelerate creation of management companies in sphere of housing and communal services, which will work with each inhabitant individually .