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Lipetsk metallurgists have increased turns
New Lipetsk metallurgical industrial complex has summed up the work for seven months of this year. NLMK has made 5 million tons of pig-iron, 5,2 million tons of a steel, 4,8 million tons ready and 2,9 million tons of sheet hire. It on 5 - 10 % more than for the similar period of last year. A commodity output for seven months NLMK has let out for the sum 42,5 mlrd roubles, the gain from sales (growth almost on two third) approximately has as much made.
Within the limits of the program of modernisation NLMK has started reconstruction of the unit of continuous etching of metal of sheet-rolling manufacture that will allow to increase the next years release of hire with a zinc and polymeric covering. Reconstruction will double productivity of the unit - to 2 million tons a year. The Austrian company KCS which will provide project working out, preparation of the documentation and equipment delivery will take part in modernisation. Reconstruction will come to the end in 2005. Investments will make 660 million roubles.
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and #133; and Kursk machine engineers have lowered rate of work
Yesterday Kursk regional administration has summed up work of the enterprises of an industrial complex in the first half of the year. According to governor Alexander Mihajlova, for the specified period manufacture growth has made 121 %, but at the same time a number of the enterprises have admitted recession in commodity output development. On - former sharp there is a situation with a salary, the general debts on it have made an order of 116 million roubles. As the vice-president of the government of area Vladimir Trunov has declared, the enterprises toplivno - a power complex have increased volume of output more than by 33 % while at the enterprises of a machine-building complex decrease in volumes of output proceeds. Under the statement operating regional branch of the Pension fund of Valentina Romanovoj, the payment discipline at some enterprises leaves much to be desired, separate heads have established to themselves astronomical official salaries, having forgotten about interests of collectives headed by them.
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the nature spoils to peasants the statistics
Now in the Belgorod region 52 % of crops are cleaned only. On it yesterday have informed in department of agrarian and industrial complex of the Belgorod regional administration. The matter is that adverse conditions - long storm rains prevent to finish to grain-growers in time a harvest harvest season. In the Voronezh region 53 % of crops are cut. According to the Voronezh regional administration, voronezhtsy have received first million tons of grain of a new crop. On Belgorodchine the given indicator on 0,4 million tons more low. Average namoloty grains from hectare as a whole across Russia below last year`s. Areas of the Central Chernozem region of an exception do not make. So, in the Belgorod region productivity makes 21,4 centners (29,7), in the Voronezh region - 22 centners (27,1) from hectare. In all areas of area there is to end a winter wheat cleaning. Combine operators Krasnogvardejsky (95 %) and Alekseevsky (91 %) areas of the Belgorod region have most close come nearer to finishing line. Worst of all affairs with cleaning are in the Lipetsk region. Lipchane have collected all 250 thousand tons of grain. By words the assistant to the head of Lipetsk regional administration of Nikolay Tagintseva, productivity on the average makes 26 centners from hectare, and quality of grain of winter wheat much above last years.
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Lipetsk trams will leave on suburbs
On the central highway of Lipetsk - the Victory prospectus - next week dismantle of tram rails will begin. The chief engineer of a municipal government of town-planning and land management yesterday has informed on it Igor Romankov. The Victory prospectus does not cope now with a transport stream. Within several months the mayoralty of Lipetsk considered variants of its unloading - or building of a highway from a monument to Tankmen on quay of the river Voronezh to DS Anniversary or a pulling down of tram ways. As a result have stopped on the second variant. First of all ways in streets Bitter, May Day will be disassembled, Nedelina, then trams will cease to go on a site from street Litavrina to a ring of Trumpet factory. Now this transport will serve only suburbs of Lipetsk.
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From - for failures of the plane of an air show in Kursk did not begin to cancel
Yesterday the chairman of Kursk country council ROSTO Vladimir Ryzhikov has informed that military - the air holiday in honour of 60 - letija victories on the Kursk arch will take place. It will pass, as well as was planned, in Ryshkinsky airdrome on Saturday. Some Kursk mass-media on Wednesday have come out with the assumption that from - for failures of the training plane the Yak - 55 which has occurred on Tuesday, the aviation holiday can not take place. According to Vladimir Ryzhikova, demonstration flights of flight groups will be made on safe distance from the spectators, therefore no threat for kurjan is present. Besides it, in connection with mass stay of people, power structures additional security measures - for order maintenance, as usual, will be accepted.
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the Kursk butcher Has demanded a jury
In Kursk litigation over 39 - has begun the summer Sergey Boevym accused in murder of two and more persons with special cruelty . The tragedy has happened on January, 30th this year in settlement Freedom near Kursk. The murderer with special cruelty cut out a family from five person - the old man, three his sons and sozhitelnitsu one of them. As has established a consequence, the criminal bossed at once two knifes, cutting to pieces acquaintances. And there was all it in the face of 4 - the summer girl. The suspect 39 - summer Sergey Boeva on a nickname Red have detained literally in some days after the made punishment - he hid nearby on a bog, having recoloured hair and having removed from crown teeth that it have not learnt. During detention of Fights has tried to cut to itself a throat, but it in time delivered in prison hospital where it has survived. Destiny of the defendant, under its requirement, the jury should solve. By the way, this first session of a jury in Kursk area. Now jurymen have started to get acquainted with Sergey Boeva`s business.
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