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Autorobbers have prosecuted

Department on investigation especially grave crimes of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk area has finished preliminary investigation of participation of two inhabitants of the Chelyabinsk area in activity of the armed gang, about two years plundering drivers on a highway Ufa - Chelyabinsk.

Since 2001 a piece of a federal highway of M - 5 (Ufa - Chelyabinsk) has received ill fame. The group of the gangsters armed with automatic machine AKM - 74, pistols of a TT and sawn-off shotguns, regularly attacked drivers and took from them so-called a fare and even gave out to victims certain documents which ostensibly should protect them from other extortioners. Soon gangsters have passed from collection a travel payment to a frank robbery and murders. Gradually the gang expanded a field of activity, having crushed some private cottages and having plundered some gasoline stations.
to detain gangsters long time it was not possible, as the authoritative recidivist supervising group (already left three terms for similar crimes) carefully planned each attack. took gangsters almost casually. In the autumn of 2002 on departure from settlement Asha on border of Bashkiria and the Chelyabinsk area militiamen have approached to their car for usual check of documents. At the leader, most likely, have handed over nerves, and it has opened on GAI officers fire from Kalashnikov .
As a result of firing one militiaman was seriously injured. The car with gangsters managed to disappear, but already through some days in Kurgan region on signs were arrested two members of the gang living in Sosnovsky area of the Chelyabinsk area. At them two pistols of a TT and the stolen things have been found. During the investigation from criminals exhaustive indications about structure, activity and the basic places of stay of a gang then the four more gangsters who have bailed, have been declared in federal search have been received.
the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk area Victor Smok in telephone conversation with the correspondent has expressed confidence that the bailed gangsters soon will be detained: Will come to an end at them stolen, will not restrain and again leave on road. Here we also will cover them. All information at us is . - he gave reason for the opinion.
now the Office of Public Prosecutor has directed this criminal case on consideration to the Chelyabinsk regional court. Accusation under article 210 of the criminal code of Russian Federation " is brought to criminals; the Organization of criminal community providing punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term from 3 - h till 15 years. Names and surnames of criminals are not disclosed, as the sentence is not announced yet.
NOVEL GIRSH, Chelyabinsk