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In Buryatiya roads have sunk and bridges

the authorities of the Irkutsk region and republic Buryatiya declared Yesterday a mode of the raised readiness in connection with a difficult freshet situation. From the beginning of week in both regions there were heavy rains. In Buryatiya the spread rivers already have flooded to 30 km of highways, water streams destroy three bridges. Yesterday the administration of Angarski Krai addressed to municipalities the message that the water level in the rivers can rise for days on 150 - 350 sm, and has suggested local authorities to be prepared for liquidation of consequences of flooding.
yesterday the State Committee on affairs GO and republics Buryatiya CHS declared for the divisions a mode of the raised readiness in connection with a difficult freshet situation. From - for torrential rains the water level has risen practically on all rivers of republic. In Kurumkansky area near to settlements Baraghan, Kujtun, the spread mountain rivers have impounded Elesun about 30 km of highways and over 2 thousand The hectare of farmland and haymakings, are taken down by water streams 3 bridges. From the village Baraghan which have appeared in a dangerous zone, 95 persons are already evacuated. In the near future mode CHS can be entered in two mountain areas of Buryatiya - Tunkinsky and Okinsky. Under the message the press - State Committee services on affairs GO and CHS, for participation in a recovery work is already generated park from 282 units dorozhno - the building technics.
yesterday the assistant to the governor of Angarski Krai Sergey Brilka has informed that under forecasts Irkutsk gidrometeotsentra in connection with the past on all area heavy rains a water level in the rivers Angaras, Uda, Birjusa for days can rise on 150 - 350 sm, in Irkute, White, Kitoe, Ie and Oka - to 150 see Under the forecast of meteorologists, within three days in the south of area will pass heavy rains.
As mister Brilka, has informed heads of administrations of all territories in whom flooding (cities Shelekhov is possible, Usolye - Siberian, Tulun, Nizhneudinsk, Cheremkhovo - ), telegrammes with the order " are sent; to result all means of struggle against flooding in full readiness . Today Sergey Brilka will hold in Nizhneudinsk meeting with representatives of municipalities and experts of management in affairs GO and CHS on which plans on struggle against high water consequences will be discussed.

ALLA ALDANOVA, the Uhlan - Ude,