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Competitive managing director Kaljuzhnaja Elena Viktorovna informs on tendering in the form of the public offer of property Agricultural production co-operative У on May, 1st У (an INN 4610000048, OGRN 1024600786430, a check point 461001001, the address: Kursk area, Korenevsky area, with. Troitsk) separate prizes. Initial sale price: 1 prize - 55680 rbl., 2 prize - 130640руб., 3 prize - 22080руб., 4 prize - 14760руб., 5 prize - 61440руб., 6 prize - 40800руб. To familiarise with the information on a subject of the auctions, property structure, conditions of its survey, tendering order, forms of the demand and other data it is possible in the working days preliminary having phoned on ph. 8 (4712) 398793. After 26 working days from the moment of a publication exit, having considered demands, concludes the purchase and sale contract. If after 26 working days from the moment of the publication it is not submitted any demand, the message operates with the following provisions: a step of decrease of 5 %, 5 periods of decrease for 7 days. Demands acceptance to the address: Kursk, Volodarsky`s street, 70, with 10. 00 to 11. 00 in the working days, summarising of the auctions last day each period in 17. 00. The winner - the participant, the first made an application with the price offer, not below established for each period. The purchase and sale contract consists not later than 10 days from the moment of definition of the winner of the auctions. Payment within 30 days from date of the conclusion of the contract.