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Presidential elections of the USA

Good morning, America!

Today America chooses the president. In comparison with our pre-election hysterics the American elections seem to cheerful and fascinating shows. Actors play perfectly, the play interesting, public ohaet and applauds in proper places, and scenery are good. If as an orchestra to consider Washington the correspondent GALINA - KUZNETSOVA sees performance, sitting in an amphitheatre, i.e. in New York. Visibility good.

All over the world as it has appeared, there is no worse a work, than at the journalist. Know, who in New York will vote today before all? Journalists New York Tajms . And know in how many? In 6 o`clock in the morning. When I have asked Phillip Taubmana, one of editors of this newspaper, what for to vote so early, he has answered that, in - the first, then there will be turns, and in - the second, during the day at newsdealers of time are not present. And when you will leave work? - I have taken an interest. hour per three nights, - with melancholy Fil has answered, - but I there not one will be be . From thousand employees of creative structure New York Tajms in time will leave home about two hundred. And on Wednesday and that it is less. In number of environment to daily 40 strips will be added 12, entirely devoted to elections. In number of their Thursday will be 20. To six usual proof-readers to the aid will come 18 more, withdrawn of holidays and from the pension corn. The Washington correspondent`s office of the newspaper will work with its full complement, and journalistic children will not see fathers (or mothers) two days that in America in general - that is not accepted. However, children of Fila Taubmana will not see both parents, because mum Felisiti - the columnist New York Tajms . Other citizens can easy be at home and look 6 - j the channel which round the clock shows pre-election staffs of both candidates. All as at us, only is more cheerful.
Some days ago America celebrated hellouin. On parade in New York the couple which has been dressed up by Bill Clinton and Hilari used the greatest success. Their photo in crowd of witches, vampires and ghosts has bypassed all newspapers. Whether it is necessary to say, what behind a mask of Clinton the son of Russian emigrants with the girl-friend disappeared? However, there was one more clever American, put on Doulom and got was in fight with Clinton which have immediately embraced him. TV men exulted: as all unfortunate journalists, they any more do not know what to think up on a theme of the elections so exciting America.
the impression in general was made that America was divided on two parts at all to a party sign. One half of America writes about candidates for presidents, and another it reads all. The riches of the choice given to reading half, suppress. Newspapers and magazines it is still clear. But how many books! Pair of tens biographies of Boba Doula, as much - Bill Clinton, In bed with the president Jennifer Flauers and America with the Bean Doulom Mardzhori Moris - bookshops are filled up by this good. But all records of popularity beat Unpunished tricks Gary (sic!) Oldricha. I should tell to steam of words about the book and its author.
Gary Oldrich worked in system of the security guard of the White house at Bush and is short at Clinton. Being the regular agent of FBI, he prepared the file of the personnel serving the White house. The obvious republican, Bush`s admirer and Clinton ill-wisher, Oldrich has appeared the fascinating writer. The quantity of gossips on square centimetre of page would amaze even the skilled subscriber the Megacity - the express train . Gossips of Oldricha, it is necessary to tell, highly artistic. As to you, for example, such passage in the spirit of Edika Limonova (I retell in reduction).
two agents of FBI, employees of the White house of Dennis and Vudi Talk.
Vudi: My children should do work here. But how they can do it if klintonovskaja the gang does not allow to them to work? Here last night has sent a two on the ground floor which - what to make so left nothing. You know why?
Dennis: why?
Vudi: Yes because two klintonovskih employees made love directly on a table! How it is pleasant to you?!
Dennis: Vudi, listen, be not nervous. I understand, it is disgusting, but here it not the first time. In the White house to us made love and after us will be... It has not put FBI .
Vudi: Yes you have not understood, the old man. Same there were two muzhiks!
However, a charm? And such stories at Oldricha on each page on three. Liberal magazine Nju - Jorker also being under impression of this product, phlegmatically notices that America as - nibud will endure also the such. And we need to guess only, whether Alexander Vasilevich Korzhakov will please us with something so juicy.
in general, from the point of view of the press, Bill Clinton, of course, a titbit. Here to you both Uajtuoter, and love affairs of the president, and scandal from Travelling agency of the White house. At Boba Doula anything such is not present. Perhaps, therefore the majority of journalists obviously or implicitly agitate for Clinton which victory very few people doubts.
watching all this gazetno - journal treskotnej, sooner or later start to feel desire to listen to candidates. As to Clinton, more and more or less clearly. Extraordinary charming, fine orator, Clinton very much tries to be pleasant to audience. It often changes the opinions - as though under the pressure of the public. Ability to manoeuvring it shows all time. Here, for example, some days ago, once again addressing to the voter (Clinton last month goes on tour on all country), the president has told: Here sits in a hall of people which look at me much and think: ` You have too strongly lifted taxes in June `. Perhaps, they will be surprised, but I too so think. Has got excited . On this remark I have terribly quickened, having realised that fervour of the president concerning taxes not is our national feature. To the reader it should be clear, why my sympathies have been immediately given Clinton.
not that with Bobom Doulom. This the far not brilliant polemist has reminded me other domestic politician. More truly, what this politician could be. Know, how the short total formulation of all pre-election slogans of Doula sounds? Truth and an order . Doul actively plays a card of the old soldier who is not knowing words of love. It is promoted also by that Doul has reputation of the fair, carrying out obligation of the person, the rude interlocutor (only yesterday he has declared: I sometimes do not understand, of what people think, and whether they think in general! ) And that he wants to be the bridge between generations and to teach children and grandsons to old principles of honour, a debt and love for the country . A trouble only that, unlike Clinton concentrated to the future of America, Bob Doul all time speaks about the past - time of simple fair people fine and carried away by a wind, time when... Here it would be desirable to tell when the sun shone more brightly and water was mokree . Magazine the Time on it pathetically notices that if America will not want to go to this past together with Doulom it will go there one.
Fil Taubman is assured that so it and will be. Doul though wants to resemble Reagan, but there is it at it badly. As confirms Taubman, in consciousness of aunt Megli, or electorate, Reagan - the kind, cheerful grandfather - the optimist, and Doul - the grandfather - the grumbler, on all looking gloomy. Children and grandsons, i.e. the electorate, can, and love the grandfather, but to reckon with it do not want. And New York Tajms prophesies a victory to Clinton.
this night all becomes clear. After California will vote, counting of votes will be finished. Simultaneously on 25 - mu to the channel will show already in the 100-th, probably, time last series Twin Piks . And as David Lynch has convinced me for a long time that an evil ghost the Bean can be installed in kind agent Cooper so my American colleagues convince me that Bob Doul will not be installed tomorrow in the White house. It seems that in America all always is known in advance.