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in the Evening on Sunday on east suburb of Vladikavkaz at landing has fallen and transport helicopter Mi - 8 internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, transporting wounded men and patients from evacuation hospital in Hankale (suburb of Grozny) has lighted up, has informed Interfax . As a result of the failure which reasons are studied, two persons were lost, ten have got wounds and burns.
in Bering sea during a storm the small fishing trawler " has sunk; the Union of Pasifik attributed to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij, has informed ITAR - TASS. All 9 crewmen have managed to get over on an inflatable saving raft. It was necessary to be evacuated so hastily that on accident had not time to inform. However, when the vessel has sunk, the saving buoy began to submit distress signals. In turn the Kamchatka management of trawling and refrigerator fleet disturbed by that in due time the captain of a vessel has not contacted, declared alarm and has begun search of fishermen. Six Russian trawlers and the Polish fishing vessel participated in salvage operations except a mother ship. Fishermen on a raft have wetted through, have frozen (air temperature was +10, water temperature - +8), but remained are live. Causes of accident and its details while are unknown, however experts assume that it could be caused displacement of cargoes in the conditions of a storm.
sanitary - in Grozny it is possible to consider epidemiological conditions explosive, informs ITAR - TASS referring to Ministry of Health of the Chechen Republic. In Gudermes one person is hospitalised with suspicions on a cholera, and in Shalinsky area three children who were ill with a diphtheria are revealed. Despite the taken measures, danger of distribution of an infection remains. The diphtheria can increase considerably in republic children`s death rate. According to agency Interfax since 1990 children`s death rate has grown in republic in 10 - 12 times. In the Chechen Republic from each 1000 newborns 200 dies before achievement of monthly age by them. On the average across Russia from thousand newborns to monthly age 17 children die. Besides, the data about sharp decrease in birth rate in the Chechen Republic is cited: from 46 thousand in 1990 to 15 thousand in 1995 - m.
According to ITAR - TASS, in Crimea there was an emergency situation in connection with a mass poisoning with mushrooms. From the beginning of September 108 persons from 13 regions of Crimea have suffered. 7 victims, from them 4 children, it was not possible to rescue to doctors.
tuberculosis Epidemic in Crimea threatens to outgrow shortly in a pandemic, warns Interfax - Ukraine . This year, in comparison with 1995, disease of a tuberculosis in Crimea has grown twice, and among children - in 2,5 times. But real scales of epidemic it is even more, as mass fluorographic inspection was not spent for a long time from - for otstutstvija means.