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The Moscow banks in regions

Bank ONEKSIM - Volga promises to undertake non-payments

On Wednesday in Nizhni Novgorod has taken place a press - the conference dated for the beginning of work in a city of affiliated structure of ONEXIMBANK and MFK - bank ONEKSIM - Volga . As the vice-president of board of bank Boris Silenko has declared, to one of priority lines of activity ONEKSIM - Volga in Bottom there will be a reduction of mutual debts between the enterprises and budgets of various levels.

it is Literally one of these days in connection with registration of Ekaterinburg branch Inkombanka wrote how the Moscow banks move ahead in regions, tempting local authorities with various financial services. A choice spice-cakes It is wide enough is and credits of regional administration, and the loan to local branches of the Pension fund, and even projects of placing of regional bonds in the international market. The solution of a problem of mutual non-payments should become the highlight of the program for affiliated structure of ONEXIMBANK and MFK in Nizhni Novgorod.

for the first time about intention of ONEXIMBANK and MFK to create affiliated bank in Nizhni Novgorod it became known in January, 1996. On July, 30th of this year joint-stock bank ONEKSIM - Volga has been registered in the Central Bank of Russia. The ustavnyj fund of bank makes 10 mlrd roubles. The controlling interest belongs to ONEXIMBANK and bank the International financial company (MFK). Except them, the structure of shareholders included the Nizhniy Novgorod enterprises - joint-stock company the Highway joint-stock company the Nizhniy Novgorod finance and joint-stock company the Aviapine forest . The bank has started to work in September.

As has informed on a press - conferences Boris Silenko, the head ONEXIMBANK is already appointed by the authorised financial institution under the program of reduction of mutual debts between the enterprises and budgets of all levels. This program has been accepted by the government of Russia on September, 17th current year. Bank ONEKSIM - Volga will be to solve, accordingly, a problem of non-payments in the Nizhniy Novgorod region. By words g - on Silenko, it is necessary to be engaged offset of debts of the enterprises as before each other, and before budgets . Construction such chains according to the banker, will allow to extinguish not only debts of the enterprises to budgets, but also on the contrary.
On a press - conferences it was underlined that a priority line of activity ONEKSIM - Volga Work with the large and average industrial enterprises of the Nizhniy Novgorod region connected among themselves technologically is that further can lead to their association in a certain uniform structure. Besides, has declared g - n Silenko, ONEKSIM - Volga intend to represent interests of the enterprises of the Nizhniy Novgorod region the majority from which concern to VPK, in the government of Russia, to achieve state orders for their share and to expand possibilities of sale of their production in the international markets.
by this time the ONEXIMBANK has allocated administrations of the Nizhniy Novgorod region the paper credit on 20 mlrd roubles for underground building. Representatives of bank ONEKSIM - Volga have expressed readiness further to incur financing of other regional programs.