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Political crisis in Belarus

Lukashenko: There is a Superior court, confidants of debauchery...

Last possibility of reconciliation of parliament and the president of Belarus completely also is definitively missed: the Constitutional court of republic has passed on Monday evening the decision on giving to the referendum planned for November, 24th recommendatory, instead of obligatory character to execution. Thereby KS has refused to recognise for Lukashenko an exclusive right of modification of the Belarus constitution. In Lukashenko`s answer has accused KS in to attempt of failure of national will in infringement of some positions of the operating constitution, the law on a referendum, and also - in excess of the powers. Opposition of the authorities in republic, apparently, has reached a limit.

Development of political crisis throughout last one and a half months has led to that the Constitutional court has appeared last board on a way of a presidential variant of the new project of the constitution of Belarus. All attempts to come to the conciliatory proposal with Alexander Lukashenko, the undertaken republics VS, success have not crowned. And KS in this situation has made the most weighed decision - he has offered not that other how to freeze the conflict of the executive and legislative authorities on a problem of the new organic law, recognising a forthcoming referendum exclusively recommendatory. Thus KS has actually rescued VS from dissolution to which to it Lukashenko in case of a recognition of decision VS about referendum carrying out inappropriate to the constitution openly threatened.
the indignation storm from which this decision KS is apprehended in Lukashenko`s administration, testifies that it obviously runs counter to interests of the presidential party. And the text of the statement a press - services of the president does not allow to doubt it: The decision KS has kept behind the people only the deliberative vote right, and, except that, the court has inconsiderately exceeded the powers and has intruded in the competence of the president . And further: Nobody has the right to deprive the possibility people to make the decision, and this principle will be taken as a principle the policy spent by Lukashenko . Thus, KS it is recognised by the president by same antinational body what till yesterday only one Supreme body was in its understanding. And it means that Minsk the big shocks shortly wait.