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the Tax to air

At the session which has taken place yesterday of the conciliatory commission on the budget it has been definitively solved, what should be the new tax to exchange operations with currency (wrote about it yesterday).

Members of the conciliatory commission name the decision on introduction of this tax unpopular . They flatter themselves. The decision unreasoned - money will bring a little, and the irritation will cause the enormous. The conciliatory commission on the budget project - 97 has made not trivial decision: since 1997 in Russia absolutely new tax to exchange operations with cash currency will be imposed. Gathering is offered to be established at a rate of 1,5 % from the operation sum, that is one and a half dollar from each hundred it will be necessary to give to the state. In general, all in full conformity with the slogan It is necessary to share! .
Committee-men believe that new gathering will limit the reference of foreign currency and will raise efficiency of investments into rouble. Meanwhile it was initially supposed to raise it irrespective of, you buy currency or sell, so it was entered not for support of the Russian rouble. However, yesterday late at night the commission nevertheless has decided to tax only operations under the purchase of dollars.
will collect the tax the banks making exchange operations, at the moment of reception of means from clients. Gathering it is necessary to pay in all without an exception - both physical, and to legal bodies, including non-residents. It is not necessary to pay only at carrying out of operations on exchange without use of cash. For example, at removal of money from a credit card or their reception from the currency bank account. However we will look to truth in eyes: now in Russia clearing settlements nerazvity, the cash currency is more convenient.
Introduction of new gathering - the initiative of the deputy - landowner Gennady Kulika - has been extremely unanimously supported by committee-men. Thus that it was supposed to assess it both the purchase, and foreign currency sale. It is indicative that at session of the conciliatory commission practically anybody against its introduction did not object. Questions only technical character were asked. Moreover, next morning the government has prepared the corresponding bill.
the currency market with tax introduction can quite fade into the background - as it was only some years ago. The Criminal code providing punishment for currency exchange operations from hands will not help even. The kriminogennaja situation around valjutoobmennyh operations will become aggravated.
half of success at introduction of the new tax or rate increase - to show, on what the paid money will go. For example, if to Muscovites have told that the collected means will spend for reconstruction of the Ring road or the Garden ring, the tax would began to pay. When all new taxes are imposed, and means fall in a bottomless butt - gathering will not pay. And it already government defects. Will not receive the budget desirable 8 trln roubles.
as this tax will be raised from means from which taxes are already paid, it will be something of type of the tax to luxury which it is necessary to pay, nevertheless, all - including needy. For anybody not a secret, what even elderly grandmothers already accept for a long time as a reality that the pension roubles should be postponed in dollars.
by the way, one more tax to luxury becomes approved yesterday the conciliatory commission 15 - the percentage tax to incomes of citizens under bank deposits. The tax will be raised, if the income exceeds the rate of refinancing of the Central Bank (now 60 %) under rouble contributions or 12 % - under contributions to foreign currency.