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New contributions

can count On the good income only the VIP

the Big innovations in the market of private deposits recently was not observed, banks have been keen on change of profitableness of existing deposits. However new contributions nevertheless have appeared in banks the Russian credit and Inkombanke.

bank the Russian credit the new contribution to foreign currency has opened for the big clients, ready to invest the sum in size at least $20 thousand or an equivalent of this sum in other foreign currency. The contribution name " I. P. quite corresponds to its orientation. Under the contribution additional investments or partial removal of means are supposed. At rest decrease on the account below $20 thousand charge of percent will be made on the terms of the contribution poste restante (3 - 5 % annual). At preservation of the minimum rest invariable the rate under the contribution for a period of 1 month will make 17 %, 3 months - 18 %, 6 months - 19 %, 1 year - 20 % annual. Charges percent on the new contribution bank monthly, their payment or capitalisation is thus provided.
Inkombank the new contribution under the name Anniversary has devoted to the eighth anniversary. Rates under the new contribution are established a little above, than under other contributions of bank. At the minimum sum of the contribution of 1 million roubles for a period of 93 days the bank guarantees income charge under the rate of 53 % annual. Owners of larger sums exceeding 100 million of roubles, will receive the income from calculation of 55 % annual.