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Change of rates under contributions

Incomes of investors become ever less

Against falling profitableness of state credit obligations and after decrease in the Central Bank of Russia rates of refinancing to 60 % annual appreciable change of rates under contributions to roubles has followed. Decrease in percent on fixed deposits in roubles declared the Moscow Savings Bank, the Bridge - bank, MENATEP, SBS, Promstrojbank of Russia and others.

In the Moscow Savings Bank fixed deposits with monthly payment of percent are accepted now under 2,5 % for a month (there were 4 % earlier). Target contributions also have fallen in price, and deposits for pensioners are accepted now under 30 %, and children`s contributions - under 60 % annual. Under urgent depositary contributions the income from calculation 36 - 43 % annual is charged.
in the Bridge - rate bank under rouble contributions are lowered on the average on five points. Under contributions for a period of one month the bank charges now 42 - 52 %, three months - 45 - 55 %, four months - 50 - 60 % annual. The minimum payment on - former makes 100 thousand, the greatest income corresponds to the sum over 10 million roubles.
bank MENATEP has lowered profitableness of urgent rouble contributions on two points. Besides, the maximum period of storage is lowered from six about four months. Under contributions for a period of a month the bank charges now 48 - 51 %, for two months - 51 - 55 %, for three and four months - 54 - 60 % annual. The minimum payment makes on - former 500 thousand, the maximum rates correspond to the sum more than 50 million roubles. Rates and under fixed deposits in currency to 10 - 20 % annual for the term from one about twelve months are lowered. Under contributions for 15 days rates 5,5 - 8,5 % annual depending on the sum are established.
the capital bank of savings has lowered rates not only under rouble fixed deposits. The contribution capital Filled up now, is accepted under 62 %, holiday - 57 %, pension - 63 %, children`s - 64 % annual. As a whole rates under target contributions SBS have decreased on three - five points. The contribution the capital now is accepted under 52 % or 55,5 % annual depending on periodicity of payment of percent. Fixed deposits with payment of percent have monthly fallen in price to 45 - 50 % annual, in the end of term - 48 - 55 % annual.
Promstrojbank of Russia also has lowered rates under the firm contributions with prolongation. The contribution new lux (from 5 million roubles) now is accepted under 2,7 % for a month, thus the revenue under this contribution makes 32,4 %. Under the contribution lux - the capital from 25 million roubles the monthly income makes now 3,3 % for a month, and the revenue does not exceed 39,6 % annual.
the bank contribution the Russian credit in currency under the name long-term became more expensive on some points. The contribution is considered long-term as at nevostrebovanii it upon termination of initial term it is prolonged for the same term. At initial term one month the rate makes now 13 - 16 % annual depending on the sum. (The minimum payment - $500). If initial term three months the income is charged under the rate 15 - 18 % annual.