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On the death of Bokassy

has Perhaps eaten somebody...

At the age of 75 years the former emperor has died Is central - the African republic Jean - Bidel Bokassa, one of the most exotic and cruel governors of the world whom - not without the bases - accused also of a cannibalism.

Bokassa I, as he called itself(himself) to the last gasp (under the certificate of one of it of 55 children), has died from a heart attack on the night of Monday. It corrected poor (despite infinite deposits of diamonds) the country one and a half decades, having entered in its history pages stunning with the cruelty. If to trust its biographers, Bokassa was the jealous Catholic, and in a youth dreamt to become the priest. But the destiny has disposed differently. It became the soldier of the French colonial army. Has finished World War II in Normandy in a rank of the senior sergeant. Has been awarded a military cross and membership in the Honourable legion. The power has grasped in 1966, having dethroned the first president independent TSAR - own nephew David Dasko. For years of board Bokassa steadily raised itself in a rank - from the president to the lifelong president and the marshal. Once and marshalskogo a rank it seemed a little - did not give rest of monastery of its idol of Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1977 Bokassa was crowned as the emperor. The crown has managed to treasury in $5 million, and ceremony has eaten a quarter of revenues TSAR from export.
it corrected individually, was fast on decisions and on punishment. Opponents suppurated in holes and fed to crocodiles. Speak, liked to eat numerous wives and in general ate all who came across under a hand. Day of mother in 1971 has noted an especial invention: having released all concluded women, executed the men convicted of crimes against female honour. In the same year he has ordered to cut ears and hands to thieves, and for relapse - heads.
have dethroned it in 1979. The French parachutists who have returned a presidential rank to nephew Bokassy after the uncle have interfered have accused of murder about 200 children. Bokassa (which at that time stayed in Libya) from a fright has taken off for France. But has not reached also three days has spent in the plane, achieving a political asylum from the president of Ivory coast. Has achieved. But in 1983 - m deported it to France. The reference, it is necessary to tell, did not differ severity: eks - the dictator lived in the XVIII-th century lock near Paris. But bent for has had an effect on freedom: the cannibal cherished dream of runaway. In 1986 it has come true: to greater amazement of 3 million fellow citizens of Bokassa appeared in the homeland. Where and after the six-monthly conclusion has been sentenced to death for murders and waste. Litigation it is noisy it was shined in the world, and compatriots especially were angry on eks - the emperor that he has ostensibly eaten the unique mathematician of the country. But in general - if to trust hearings, he preferred white meat . Over the cannibal, however, have taken pity: the governor of TSAR Andre Koligba of that time has replaced the death sentence with 20 years of prison. Has stayed Bokassa only seven and has been released on a wave of democratic transformations in 1993. Having dressed in bemedalled marshalskuju the form and having armed with a staff from an ivory, he then made speech to many thousands crowd in a cathedral, comparing itself to Jesus Christ: the pier, as well as it, has suffered for the people. It to it to the power have forgiven, the claim for a throne - is not present. The cannibal have turned out from guest rooms of a presidential palace. The days it modestly lived in Bangui, receiving pension of the veteran of the French army. About the latest days it remained is very popular in weights, and without having left dream of returning in the power. In the spring it has directed the application to president Patasse about amnesty, hoping to take part in presidential election in 1999. It was not possible.