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The bank moves

MKS - bank all - taki government Tatarii goes to Kazan

One of these days has accepted the decision About the authorised investment bank of the cabinet of Republic Tatarstan . It has definitively fixed the fact of moving Moscow MKS - bank to Kazan and its merge to Tatpromstrojbankom. It should occur in the nearest two weeks. The second candidate on a constant residence in Tatarii, bank Zenith while has avoided this fate.

Both Moscow banks were necessary to the government of Tatarstan that it was more convenient to trace the monetary streams of the republican companies passing through these banks.
that the question on moving to Kazan MKS - bank is definitively solved in September, already some times the prime minister - the minister and the chairman of national bank Tatarii publicly declared. However thus both, referring on Specification of conditions did not name terms and the moving mechanism. But, as has informed an informed circle, now government Tatarii waits only for the decision of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on moving procedure.
thus in Tatpromstrojbanke (TPSB) which according to the decision will merge with MKS - bank, again has occurred change of the leader : working till May, 1996 and. The island of the chairman of the board Vladimir Zhirnov became again and. The island, and supervising TPSB from May till October Tagir Gajnutdinov has returned to native bank Kazan . Present castling in TPSB - the fifth for last one and a half year.
actually, arrival on a post and. The island of the chairman of the board of TPSB Tagira Gajnutdinova just also is connected with changes occurring recently in bank. A bank command Kazan has offered government Tatarii the project of conclusion TPSB from crisis. The Natsbank has considered this project real. So, Tagir Gajnutdinov has appeared in two armchairs - the chairman of the board of bank Kazan and and. An island of chairman of the board TPSB. An essence of the mechanism of a conclusion from crisis on - gajnutdinovski it was reduced to that the property and fixed capital TPSB should be thrown in new bank. Thus payment of debts TPSB is postponed on 3 - 4 years. For a transition period it was taken away no more than 1 - 3 months. At first so all also went. The chairman of Natsbank RT Evgenie Bogachyov even some times mentioned Kazan as one of possible candidates in sparring - partners TPSB. However by the autumn Natsbank Tatarii tactics unexpectedly for many has changed, and on a surface nominee MKS - bank has emerged.
in September already it has been quite officially declared that on the basis of TPSB and MKS - bank it will be created the new Tatprominvestbank, which controlling stock (from 51 to 60 %) will belong to government Tatarii. By this time the republic cabinet has charged MKS - to bank performance seven-year credit - the trading agreement with Germany for sum DM1 mlrd under which it is allocated by 8,8 million t oil. Probably, this transaction also will allow new Tatprominvestbanku to pay subsequently debts TPSB which some tens billions roubles (more than others today are customs officers and road fund RT) have suffered. However under the updated scheme merge TPSB and MKS - bank will occur a little differently, than it was offered Kazan . According to a source in NB RT, a transition period instead of 1 - 3 months will last half a year, and can, and longer. Right after moving MKS - the bank will begin work in parallel with TPSB. Premise TPSB will be divided on two wings . In one the new bank where will pass to 80 % of employees TPSB will take place, and in other wing other workers TPSB will continue work with bank debts. As the mode " will long last; Diarchies anybody precisely does not know.
a question on moving on the Kazan residence of other Moscow candidate - bank Zenith under the source statement in the bank, today it is not put any more. It is a question of more likely how most effectively to use possibilities of bank for service of republican financial streams. However, under the data deciding for definition of destiny of bank there was that now its documents on reception of the general currency licence are in the Central Bank, and how many it will last, it is not known.