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Yury Bashmet`s concert

On Sunday the Big hall burst some public on alto Benefit performance . Yury Bashmet and it Soloists of Moscow played altovuju classics: Hofmajstera, Weber, Vivaldi. But not only: pulled out from library of Salzburg Motsarteuma, for the first time in Russia has been executed unfinished (more precisely, hardly begun) Mozart`s Threefold concert where Bashmet`s alto sounded between Elena Revich`s violin and Nikolay Solonovicha`s violoncello (they be soloists of Moscow). Shostakovich`s Thirteenth quartet - more precisely, its version for an alto and string, made by request of Bashmet composer Alexander Tchaikovsky became a world premiere of evening. Bashmet has executed this number in memory of the teacher, viola player Vadim Borisovsky to which in due time Shostakovich has devoted the original of the quartet. The success of a concert should give spirit to Soloists of Moscow before responsible tours: One of these days the ensemble existing already four years, goes for the first time to the USA where to it neither it is a lot of nor it is necessary to debut in Carnegie - a hall a little.