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Reaction of the financial markets to operation of the president

As other markets

Attention of participants of the market of world currencies forex reacted yesterday has been chained at once to two events - operations of the president of the Russian Federation and to presidential election in the USA. Morning game in the market was under construction basically round operation. The first the Asian markets have reacted to the message on it: here began buy up actively dollars and to sell German currency. When the European markets have opened, the dollar in relation to mark cost 1,512. By this time there were already data that operation has passed normally. Being based on it, the European dealers bought up the American dollar any more so actively that has led to some decrease in its quotations.
the market of currency bonds of the Ministry of Finance has reacted to the message on operation rather roughly. Yesterday in first half of day of the price for bonds 4 - go, 6 - go and 7 - go tranches have grown on 2 %. Less strongly, on 1 - 1,5 %, have grown quotations of bonds 3 - go and 5 - go tranches. On 3 % quotations of external debts of Russia have grown.
the market of state credit obligations - federal loan bond has not reacted to the message on operation that, however, it is no wonder. This sector of the financial market in general is indifferent to political events in Russia.