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Japonchik has not proved Vyacheslav Ivankova`s one more business to jurymen that it married for love

In the USA jurymen have taken out an accusatory verdict concerning the known Russian thief in Vyacheslav Ivankova`s law (JAponchika) and it podelnikov - Elenas and Leonarda the Lion. Ivankov it was accused of attempt of illegal reception of residence permit in the USA by the conclusion of fictitious marriage with 60 - summer Irina Oloj. Spouses the Lion in the given transaction were intermediaries. Adjudgment on this business is appointed to January, 1997.

Charge asserted that, having arrived to the USA, Ivankov has stopped at spouses the Lion which have acquainted him with Irina Oloj - accompanist Villi Tokarev. After a while Ola has agreed on Elena Lev`s offer for $15 thousand to become wife Japonchika. And in one and a half year after wedding of the spouse have passed the first interview in immigration service where they have informed that have got acquainted approximately 30 years ago when Ivankov studied in estradno - circus school, and Ola was there the accompanist. During that moment they ostensibly could not marry, as Ola was married. Having met in many years, old acquaintances have decided to legalise the relations. That the legend looked convincing, they have made set of joint photos, being rented in different corners of houses of spouses the Lion. However many questions of immigration service Ivankov and Ola answered on - to a miscellaneous, have been caught in a lie, and Japonchik has not received residence permit.
after law enforcement bodies have brought action about attempt of illegal reception of residence permit in the USA by the conclusion of fictitious marriage, Ola has started to co-operate with the investigation and became the basic witness of charge. During process lawyers tried to prove that Ola gives evidences against the husband with jealousy. The matter is that some time ago Ivankov has converged with certain Fainoj the Commissioner, and Ola could not forgive it change.
Being in a hall of court the correspondent during a break in sessions managed to talk a little to Ivankovym. He, in particular, has told that the main witness to charge simply unfortunate woman and that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and the American law enforcement bodies force people to stipulate each other. In Russia it tortures - in eight cases from ten . In the USA, according to Japonchika, human weight more pliable, gutta-percha here again the authorities force one to slander on others, intimidating its big term. About itself Ivankov speaks so: They can plant my body in prison, but they will not hide my spirit, my conscience .
the Accusatory verdict of jury Japonchik has listened with a smile, and its friends who were in a hall, roughly were indignant.
it is interesting that in conversation with the correspondent public prosecutor Bridzhet Roudi actually recognised that for it the main persons in the given process are spouses the Lion, instead of Ivankov. Most likely many years will spend last in prison for extortion, therefore some more months of imprisonment for a deceit of immigration department will not strongly affect its destiny. By the way, podelniki Ivankova have brought pledge and to the sentence announcement are at large.