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Case in an electric train situated near Moscow

it is careful, doors blow up!

The day before yesterday in the afternoon in platform of a suburban electric train of Frjazevo - Moscow explosion has thundered. Victims are not present, one person is detained.

Explosion has occurred nearby 15. 30 in platform of one of cars of an electric train of Frjazevo - Moscow on a stage between a platform 33 - j kilometre and station Kupavna the Kursk railway. At car doors the hole in diameter 40 was formed see the Blast wave windows have been beaten out. Victims are not present. Militiamen yet have not established, what exactly has blown up in a train.
right after incident employees LOVD Moscow - Kursk have begun operation the Siren - 1 . On all routes of electric trains the strengthened patrol has been entered. In 17. 25 militiamen have detained 41 - the summer inhabitant of a city situated near Moscow Railway, before the offender for theft. According to witnesses, the arrested person is very similar to the person who was in platform shortly before explosion (and, hence, could leave there a bomb). The suspect denies the participation in a crime.