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Reaction of the financial markets to operation of the president

They wait

June - the first round of presidential election. July - the second round of presidential election. November - Boris Yeltsin`s heart operation. Never before so short time interval did not contain in itself so much critical events for the financial market, each of which at adverse coincidence of circumstances could cause its crash. In June and July has managed. Has It seems that managed and this time.

For operation prepared not only doctors. Did it and participants of stock market, truth, rather originally. The Russian brokers played football, jumped with a parachute, went for a drive on steam-ships on the river Moscow. On - to the prepared for operation and investors: from the middle of September of orders for purchase of the Russian actions, it is possible to tell, did not arrive. The market waited.
last week to Moscow there has arrived American kardiohirurg Michael Debejki. It has been declared that the final stage of preparation for operation has begun and Boris Yeltsin has cancelled all working meetings. Concrete date nobody named, but it was clear to all, it is necessary that to wait not for long.
and the stock market, life on which last week has stood (week change of the INDEX - DAILY to almost equally zero), on Monday has not sustained. In the evening trade in actions has unexpectedly quickened, quotations blue chips have grown more than on 1 %, and the volume of the auctions in 1,5 times has exceeded srednednevnoj. Brokers feel that something should occur, and try to warm up the market - the trader of the company " ascertained; Kreditanshtalt - the Grant Firuz Mansurhodzhaev.

During time
On Tuesday market opening has coincided with message AP on the operation beginning. Half an hour later the correspondent was included into office of one of the Moscow broker firms in hope to see gripping show of agiotage trade by securities. But... Brokers easy read newspapers, drank coffee and watched TV.
- as the market what occurs? - The correspondent has shy asked, feeling that it here inopportunely.
- What, to hell, the market?! Occurs nothing.
for descriptive reasons the correspondent accepted the monitor of the Russian trading system where stock quotes should change in a mode of real time. This time, however, quotations did not change. The exception was made only by actions of the several companies - joint-stock company Mosenergo NK LUKOIL the Russian Open Society Gazprom . On these positions of the transaction from time to time consisted, but to assert that in the market there was a trade, would be exaggeration.
today most likely no movement will exist, - the senior trader has noticed. - Even if all will pass successfully, all the same anything radical will not occur. The most important thing not an outcome of the operation as nobody doubts its safe end . After these words brokers resolutely povykljuchali the computers also began to disperse. Even the message that operation passes successfully, has not caused any emotions in traders.

In 14. 26 Reuter transfers the message on a successful outcome of operation. The market starts to be warmed up inertly. Quotations blue counters grow, but slowly. To 16. 00 market cost Russian blue chips raises no more than on 2 %.
And how on - to yours the market should react? Anything such should not to occur, - were surprised in bank ` the Russian credit `. - the People are not silly, all in advance expected. We expect insignificant lifting further, and there - time will show .
And should be, - have noticed in the company ` the Prospectus `. - Till the end of holidays happens nothing with the market. A heart operation it after all not an appendicitis - have sewn up and has gone. After similar operations the most important part - the rehabilitation period. And till the end of this period of the quotation will stand .