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Unexpected falling of actions of the German bank

news from Deutsche Bank were not pleasant to Someone

As has reported Reuter, yesterday at the Frankfurt stock exchange the share price of the largest German bank - Deutsche Bank has unexpectedly fallen.

the bank Share price has gone down on Tuesday more low psychologically important level in 70 marks and has made 69,6 marks for the action. The majority of brokers has regarded decrease in share price Deutsche Bank as a negative signal . It is remarkable that falling of actions of bank occurred against the general lifting of the market: share prices of other leading German companies grew, and summary index DAX has increased as a result by 0,45 %.
Such succession of events has puzzled even many participants of the market. One of brokers has declared: We have no messages from bank and we try to understand that occurs. There are assumptions that course decrease is caused by sale of a large share holding by any foreign investor .
the Assumption it can have under itself the basis. The policy of global expansion spent by bank causes ambiguous estimations. As informed magazine Business Week, not so long ago agency Moody ` s declared that high rating Deutsche Bank (AAA) can be reconsidered from - for the risks connected with an aggressive policy of bank. Besides, the bank should spend about $280 million for a covering of losses of the investment funds coping Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, affiliated structure DB. At last, last week the name of the successor of the head of bank Hilmara of Copper which will retire in May of the next year has been published. All it could become the reason of nervousness of investors and cause dump of actions.