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The situation round AvtoVAZbanka

has shaken Returning of bank which considered died

Approximately one year ago the Russian bank community sensational news: the beginnings to sink the biggest bank of the Samara region and one of the largest regional banks of Russia - AvtoVAZbank. During the last years the country has seen many bank crashes, and in overwhelming majority of cases the banks which have entered a strip of crisis, to rise could not any more. avtovazbank has chance to become an exception of a rule. However is in this history and a hidden circumstance.

the Exception of a rule
So, by this time AvtoVAZbanku as a whole was possible to cope with difficulties of the end 1995 - the beginnings of 1996 and almost completely to pursue the scheme sanitation. Client payments, valjutoobmennye operations and work on a number of projects together with AvtoVAZom are renewed. Again population contributions are accepted, their volume makes today nearby 36 mlrd rbl.
For an overcoming the crisis bank has undertaken a number of cardinal measures. Sale of a part of an investment portfolio and real estate has given 167 mlrd rbl. Nearby 1 trln the cedation to other banks of the rights of the requirement under credit contracts has brought. And discount at sale of client debts as new president AvtoVaZbanka Vera Prokopenko confirms, was small. In total during sanitation obligations more have been extinguished than on 1,5 trln rbl.
As a result of crisis the bank has considerably decreased - by October, 1st its actives have made 459 mlrd rbl. while in the beginning of crisis they came nearer to 3 bln. Following the results of III quarter bank had a small loss (28 mlrd rbl.) That has been connected with necessity of payment of percent on interbank credits, taxes in the budget and increase in a reserve at a covering of possible losses under loans.
since July, 1996 the bank has renewed crediting the Autovase in rather small volumes (the total sum of credit investments makes today 343 mlrd rbl.) . To other clients of the loan do not stand out yet (pertinently to remember that bank crisis has been substantially provoked by a delay of repayment of the large credit KamAZom).
As the chairman of supervisory board AvtoVaZbanka and the director for marketing and joint-stock company trade " has declared; Autovases Vladimir Kuchaj, car factory is ready to render any forms of assistance to bank, including lobbying of its interests in the state structures. Till now VAZ keeps the considerable rests on the bank accounts.
recently the factory has signed the contract on sale of 5 thousand cars the gain from which will arrive in AvtoVAZbank. It will help to involve in addition in a turn of bank to 200 mlrd rbl. However, while this program is suspended in connection with complexities with current payments the Autovase in the federal budget . Heads of bank assert even that in the long term all system of payments for cars is planned to spend through AvtoVAZbank. On it the first part of history of revival of AvtoVAZbanka comes to the end, and the second begins - more interesting.

the destiny of bank depends from the Autovase
The matter is that returning of AvtoVAZbanka is necessary not all. During time the compelled absence bank competitors actively divided its inheritance. Tolyatti Rosestbank became the new leader of the Samara bank community who have inherited a considerable part of business by AvtoVAZbanka.
last year this bank developed very dynamically. It has actually occupied a niche before belonging to AvtoVAZbanku in the market. Rosestbank has involved in itself a part of the former clients of AvtoVAZbanka from among the large industrial enterprises of Tolyatti and Samara, including and itself Autovases.
in April, 1996 in interview the general director of department of economy and the joint-stock company finance Autovases Erkin the Habit recognised that though the car factory has accounts in a number of banks, the basic rouble means pass through Rosestbank. Under data, Rosestbank is involved also in creation on the basis of small local bank the Wave new affiliated structure the Autovase - bank Automobile banking house (ABD) where has enough big share holding.
Rosestbank quickly dews, grew also its influence. In the middle of the year it was already the greatest bank of area, its actives made nearby 1,5 trln rbl. It has entered into number of the authorised banks of regional administration, and service of the large credit given to the Samara region by German Bayerische Landesbank was entrusted to it. Rosestbank has been included in number of the banks participating in realisation of the program of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank on support of small-scale business in Russia, and has received from the European bank the first portion of credits. In September the bank has opened the representation in London and became member S. W I. F. T.
Fast strengthening of Rosestbanka arranged not all. Under the information received from good of informed circles, strengthening of its positions causes anxiety in some banks, whose representatives are included into Council of the bank union the Big Volga . Speech first of all goes about regional bank of the Savings Bank of Russia and the large Moscow banks having in area the branches, - Tokobank and Inkombanke, and also some local banks cautiously glancing at the new regional monster. These banks can try to play avtovazbankovskuju a card in peak of Rosestbanku.
As it became known, in September of this year AvtoVAZbank has addressed to banks - to members the Big Volga with the request to grant its the loan in 50 mlrd rbl. In itself this credit it is insignificant, but it could become the bridge to more scale cooperation. the big Volga Twice - in September and October - considered a question on the credit of AvtoVAZbanku, but the final decision yet has not accepted.
however local banks at all dislike for Rosestbanku cannot reanimate AvtoVAZbank if it will not want its majesty AvtoVaZ . And here the situation is even more difficult. Not the secret that in a management the Autovase exists some competing groups relations between which have considerably become aggravated recently. Complicate conditions and hearings circulating recently about possible returning to factory of its former head Vladimir Kadannikov. From this point of view resuscitation of AvtoVAZbanka can be favourable one of avtovazovskih parties not wishing that the basic financial streams of factory concentrated in Rosestbanke and ABD. Therefore there are all bases to believe that the further destiny of AvtoVAZbanka (and other banks connected with car factory) will depend in many respects on that, than struggle in avtovazovskih tops will end. Will watch situation development.