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Forty five on six

Presidium of political council of branch an United Russia in Leningrad region has presented to the central bodies of party the list of possible candidates of the State Duma on the region. Instead of prospective 20 persons the most worthy it has appeared 45. Thus that a quota for candidates from an United Russia in Leningrad region makes only six persons. After the Petersburg colleagues the list candidates for candidates regional United Russia party members have generated. It was initially planned that 20 persons will get to it nearby. However as a result of them it has appeared 45. Meanwhile a quota for candidates from an United Russia in Leningrad region makes only six persons. The leader of regional United Russia party members, vitse - speaker ZakSa Herman Brain has declared that definitively the list will be confirmed in the end of June, that is after the coordination with the central bodies of party. It has not excluded that changes can occur, but they will not concern the major candidate - governor Valery Serdjukova who will head partspisok. I consider that the nominee of the governor does not need discussion - the mister Brain has declared. We will remind, Valery Serdjukov headed partspisok on March elections in ZakS Leningrad regions, when an United Russia has typed only 35 % of votes. The second place - the Olympic champion on skating sports, nowadays the chairman of commission ZakSa on youth and Svetlana Zhurovoj`s sports - has appeared in doubt. Herman Mozgovoj has not excluded that by results of inner-party discussion of a place can be distributed differently.
Till now in party have not solved, who the worthy candidate on the third place. However federal leaders in the list precisely it is not expected. Operating Duma deputies who were included also into the preliminary list are considered as the basic applicants for places through passage: Vitaly Juzhilin (it is present and at the list of the Petersburg Party members) and Alexander Shimanov. From deputies of regional ZakSa into the list besides Svetlana Zhurovoj have entered Herman Mozgovoj and eks - speaker Cyril Poljakov. Also, according to the mister Brain, the preliminary list could include speaker Ivan Habarov, deputies Vitaly Klimov, Vadim Ryabov, eks - the Minister of Railways, and nowadays deputy Anatoly Zajtsev, however all of them took rejection.
from youth in the list are available head Young guards ` an United Russia ` in area Anna Daniljuk and the chairman of youth chamber Michael Vedernikov. The mister Brain special attention has turned that among recommended by local branches there are no large businessmen and vitse - governors (though five from 11 vitse - governors of Leningrad region - party members.-). As he said, businessmen - Party members anyway will help on elections. As to vitse - governors here United Russia party members were afraid that first of all it is necessary to estimate their work on a state post, instead of in party. The list also did not include heads of areas and the head of administrations of areas of area, except for the head of Lodejnopolsky area Vladimir Radkevicha. But among candidates there was the deputy of the third convocation who has suffered defeat on March elections, the director of Open Society Lenoblgaz Yury Strahov. We will remind, it also became a member of presidium of party.
in the end of June to regional Party members will return from the centre cleaned and the confirmed list. Right after it United Russia party members will conduct sociological research about popularity of the presented candidates for the basic six which, rather probably, will play a certain role for inner-party elections - prajmeriz. Definitively six first places become known in the autumn. However, prajmeriz is, more likely, the formality, and in much bigger degree a definitive kind of the list of candidates will depend on federal party leadership.
Alexander Konfisahor