Rus News Journal

The popular concert on Palace Square with participation of Robina Gibba from legendary Bee Gees and Scorpions accompanied by a Maryinsky Theater orchestra became economy class

the Part of the cultural program of the International economic forum in St.-Petersburg. Among thousand spectators zatesalsja MAX Hagen. Similar actions on Palace always caused questions. Organizers each time risk to run into claims of management of the Hermitage rather negatively influencing safety of a museum of loudness of a sound and in general everything that is connected with occurrence here tens thousand people. But to oppose to this concert - would mean to rise in opposition to the Kremlin. In a word, any public protests on the occasion of show within the limits of the Petersburg International economic forum it has not been fixed. The holiday has begun with huge, motionless turns. The main thing was - to be thrust in a correct tail and not to appear instead of the area in a toilet booth. Many despaired to make the way for a cordon and with a stock of the cooling and hot were arranged to look a concert from - for obstacles. When on a scene have already appeared Valentina Matvienko and Herman Gref, arranged lofty mini - konferans, the most part wishing to get for a holiday of the international economy was behind area borders. Fine words " from apart reached; Petersburg a forum superstars and expensive townspeople ... Expensive townspeople reacted gloomy low and salty national criticism. At territory research, truth, it has appeared that known Russian laziness much prevented to move hardly further and to pass without problems: inputs are closer to the Winter palace were rather free. Actually the concert has begun with performance of Robina Gibba. In other situation it would be possible even to take pleasure in its concert. The veteran of a disco under a mirror sphere one after another gave out old hits Bee Gees. The word of honour, Night Fever, You Should Be Dancing, Stayin ` Alive remain on - former incendiary and ideally suited to atmosphere of warm summer evening. Similar to the dried up English gentleman, mister Gibb fairly and even joyfully fulfilled the program before crowd what did not see for a long time already in the West. Business was spoilt seriously by a sound: that quantity of portals that were seen far ahead, would suffice, let us assume, for 12 - a thousand Ice palace, but in any way for the Palace Square known besides the acoustic complexities. Around the Aleksandrovsky column scraps of sounds and a rhythm were audible basically, on a surface the vocal phrase, a scrap of guitar party came up that. Two screens before a scene too was a little, and from - for remoteness of a scene and usual mesilova in an orchestra the majority of the come shows approximately from the middle of the square preferred to look. But after all each normal western festival promoter knows that if the quantity of spectators exceeds 30 thousand, screens and a sound it is necessary more. On Palace about any podzvuchke on perimetre of the area of speech, probably, did not come at all. Instead of amplifiers it was possible to observe metal designs for celebratory slogans on which, yet have not dispersed, the whole crowd tried to climb up. In a word, there was a sensation that have saved on everything, except protection. Anyway, organizers of a holiday have appeared where easier to be spent for export of the Kaluga OMON, than on the organisation of a normal sound. The people, however, as could took pleasure, it has appeared even that many remember songs Bee Gees by heart.
By heart knew also songs Scorpions that is less surprising. For infinite quantity of visits of German group it was difficult not to learn their basic program. And in general it would be necessary to give out Scorpions the Russian citizenship, it is so frequent they at us appear. Maryinsky Theater orchestra at this concert is better was it is swept up in introduktsijah, each of which turned to similarity of overtures. However - music the main thing is a clinging melodic hook the priest, enough classics simple and far from standards. On Palace hits Scorpions, thus, became similar to a soundtrack to any blockbuster - simple and heroic music in which at desire simply pair of sensible keyboard players could replace an orchestra. Bumkajushchaja a rhythm - the section in this situation reminded a gait King - Konga wandering nearby, around the Mars field. Treated kindly by economic elite and the simple people of Klausu Main to complain there was nothing, in Russia it, as always, met on hurrah. Under You and I and Wind of Change Palace has turned to a dance pavilion huge and full of romanticism. Everything, it appears, was to spit on a bad sound and infinite crowd.