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The horoscope

Comes nearer a full moon. An organism now on a maximum of physical and emotional energy. Physical activity is useful. Drunkenness as under the Moon in the Sagittarius the liver is vulnerable is dangerous.
today passes without aspects. But in the night from Thursday to Friday - a full moon. The period of the full Moon is noted by the raised physical and mental excitation. It is good for love, playing sports and adventures. But be accurater in dangerous places. People in a similar condition are now capable of inadequate acts.

the works demanding endurance and concentration, postpone for other days. The market situation is positive, it is possible to hold simply at itself available papers. It is not necessary to begin affairs to 9. 08 mornings, when the Moon without a course.

day approaches for various travel. It is possible to use various types of transport.

in political life there can be events which will cause the international resonance. In private life day favorable. General views on reality situations and the general interests will promote your personal rapprochement.

the summer Begins. It basically favorable, except for the dangerous end of August. June basically is favorable, but in the end of every decade there are intense days. In second half of month there will be some braking in business. Watch our forecasts.

Arieses can construct or already begin to carry out the plans of distant travel, expansions of business to the international scales, studies, scientific work.

Tauruses can take the credit or conclude the contract with the partner about the finance. Day is successful for private life including close relations.

twins will strike up interesting acquaintances in friendship, spiritual sphere and in private life. Can have development and former acquaintances.

Cancers should show physical activity with advantage for health. Suitable day for dialogue with subordinates and with the nature world.

lions will be a success in sports and on a scene, in dialogue with children and in love. Day should be spent brightly, actively, emotionally.

maidens can concentrate on family dialogue, house and country affairs, visit the senior relatives.

scales can go to a trip, and in passing fasten dialogue. Day is successful for contacts to an environment and relatives.

scorpions have possibility to earn money or to make pleasant purchases including tickets or equipment for travel.

Sagittariuses can and should create surrounding high spirits, to organise pleasant adventures, games, trips.

Capricorns should try to execute the individual plans which have been not connected with other people.

Aquarius will well communicate to friends. Day approaches for collective, public actions, realisation of joint hobbies.

fishes will achieve the purposes - personal, professional or connected with travel and spiritual development. It is possible to communicate and with the heads.

on June, 1st Friday
Is day of a full moon, it is a lot of energy, excitation. Mental deviations at persons inclined to it are possible. The moon in the Sagittarius, the liver and area of hips therefore are potentially vulnerable.

the summer begins with a full moon. This day approaches for active employment - physical culture and sports, tourism, sadovo - garden works. And certainly, for love, active private life, emotional dialogue.

in the morning the Moon in harmonious aspect with Mars, and in the middle of day it incorporates to Jupiter. All affairs is better to execute during the period from the beginning of the working day to 15. 20 Moscow time. Financial operations, study, needlework and mental work at this time will more successfully go. In the same hours is better to hold meetings.

a market situation unstable. It is possible to carry out current transactions, but it not the best time for strategic purchases or sales. And household purchases are better for making in first half of day.

the disputed aspect of the Moon with Uranium with a maximum about 21 hours later works, and days will come to the end with harmonious influence of Saturn.

it is possible to go to trips. Though emergencies and failures all - taki can take place and at technics operation it is necessary to be more attentive. Natural and political excesses in separate places are possible.

night time and morning of Saturday are harmonious enough, and it is possible to be engaged in any activity. In particular, in love, private life this favorable time.

From the days off Saturday is more harmonious. Sunday is slightly more intense. And next working week the first days are favorable, and here since Friday the situation becomes more difficult. Therefore the important issues are better for planning for Tuesday and morning of environment.

Arieses will be a success in the morning in intellectual sphere, study, the international business and travel.

Tauruses in first half of day can make out credits, the insurance, to understand with last financial affairs. All is harmonious in private life.

twins make active the interaction with partners, in affairs and friendship. You act as more reasonable, and the partner - as more emotional party.

cancers are on lifting of personal energy. You can now much both in intellectual, and in the physical relation.

lions will become successful in sports, show - business, art. Favorable time for personal contact and employment with children.

maidens will successfully understand with house and office affairs. It is possible to be engaged in real estate. It is good to have a rest on the nature.

scales will make a number of useful trips, on work and in personal interests. It is possible to strike up acquaintances, to be engaged in study.

scorpions have possibility to increase the earnings and other incomes, to make favourable purchases or sales. Day is good and for sports hobbies.

Sagittariuses will be active and emotional. You can light energy of the partners. And the choice of employment for you is very wide.

Capricorns can open any secrets. Individual activity is useful. Thus avoid intrigues.

Aquarius since morning can be engaged in collective work or the general hobbies. Separate conflict situations, but short in the evening are possible.

Fishes can devote day to work if it at you creative or is connected with dialogue. It is possible to achieve the purposes also in sports and travel.