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The question price

I consider that it is possible to forbid for officials to communicate with the press. It is very simple. Both officials, and the press will feel huge sense of relief. After all for any journalist dialogue with the official - the heaviest penalty for its heaviest sins. Here the person, let us assume, could not arrive on funeral of the loved one to a city where was born and has grown, - and as payment receives the editorial task: to interview the Minister of Health and sotsobespechenija Michael Zurabova. He at all does not know at first that such is payment for this sin. He thinks even that journalistic good luck has turned to it the person and it at last - that will prove to everything that knowingly it took the trainee in this big and even the enormous newspaper.
he will think so until will call in a press - Michael Zurabova`s service. After that he more so will not think. And after it will adjust dialogue with a press - service on a constant basis, it in general will lose ability to think. It will have only an ability to call by specified phone and to ask, whether have received in a press - service prospective questions to Michael Jurevichu and whether it is necessary to send them once again.

already and interview becomes for a long time irrelevant, already and the guy not the trainee, and the independent journalist, that is the unemployed (after this history), already even Michael Zurabov, let us assume, the independent minister (though and from - for other stories) but only the guy for ever remains in a shower the trainee, and not interviewed Michael Zurabova.

Officials, especially, do not need to explain a charm of that they should not communicate with the press. They not simply understand this charm, they feel it a stomach - how the wolf or a bear - a rod feel approach of danger of death.

and here would leave, as in Korea, any decision regulating an order of dialogue of officials and the press, that is erasing this dialogue from an information map of the country. And all would sigh with huge, I repeat, simplification. And this simplification would proceed at the official of day two. And then he has suddenly realised that all his life falls to hell. And he already would find itself(himself) sitting in a bar Jack rebbit slimz and suffering from from what only to the present the person also can on - to suffer: that nobody understands it. And even the wife does not understand. And the more so, mum of the wife who has read in the newspaper about a monetization of social benefits and was upset to tears that is more at it never will be medicines which were, well were! And she will call the daughter. And the daughter will ask the husband: Yes that such you there at yourselves create?! Well absolutely shame have lost!

and he will tell: Yes we not the such! I now will explain all! also will explain - for the rest of the life. Also will not have time to explain even to a near circle of relatives.

and journalists will be, as before, in a full order. At them at last - that will appear an irreproachable occasion without grounds to criticise the power and to feel completely right.

an example of that, in the absence of a position of the official power on this question, I now also have shown.