Rus News Journal


the Chinese trading proficiency by the end of this year can reach 80 % as the Peoples Republic of China continues to increase the advantage on variety of new directions. Successes of China continue to advance even the most optimistic forecasts: trading proficiency for May has made $22,5 mlrd that on 73 % more than for the same period of last year. Thus export has grown on 29 %, and import - on 19 %. These figures should disturb trading partners of China which gradually force out from the traditional markets, thus, that the Chinese market remains for them almost closed.

The Guardian London, Great Britain

the USA the American military men arm sunnitskih insurgents in Iraq
supply insurgents - sunnitov with the weapon, ammunition, bullet-proof vests and other ammunition, and also money, automobiles and fuel in exchange for the promise from their party to turn the weapon against Al - Kaidy And to abstain from attacks on the American soldiers. Command of armed forces of the USA in Iraq has allowed to carry on to commanders of divisions negotiations with local field commanders who as the American strategists hope, will oppose the former allies in the person Al - Kaidy and its foreign mercenaries. However thus, as specify observers, there are doubts, whether the American military men, where and as the weapon transferred by them is used can check.

Handelsblatt Dusseldorf, Germany

Smart manages Daimler in 4 mlrd
Midget car Smart brings to concern Daimler more substantial damages, than observers of the market assumed. According to the financial reporting to which correspondents Handelsblatt have got access, during the period with 2003 for 2006 losses of division Smart concerning group Mercedes, have made 3,9 billion Representatives Daimler refuse to make comments on the given information as the company does not publish financial results of separate divisions, but have underlined that at Daimler this year there will be no losses.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Frankfurt am Main, Germany

the Veto of Turkey interferes with sending of mission of EU to Afghanistan
Turkey has put a veto for settlement of important technical arrangements between EU and the NATO, concerning two future civil missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo. Thus the sources close to negotiations in Bruxelles, assert that the position of Turkey will not affect the beginning of police mission of EU in Afghanistan, planned for June, 17th of this year. Within the limits of the given project Eupol Afganistan started in basic after the German initiative, it is planned to revive police in Afghanistan. During the period between the end of June and November mission should be fully completed, number of division will make 160 persons.

Le Figaro Paris, France

the New law presses on brakes
This summer one of the main laws promised by Nikola Sarkozy, - the law on restraint of an immigration stream will be discussed. The minister of affairs of immigration, integration and national originality of Ortefe has transferred in the state council the short text from 14 sections - the preliminary bill, concerning control over immigration, integration and refuge granting. It already the fourth legislative initiative connected with immigration, for last four years. The project of Ortefe is aimed at toughening of conditions of reunion of families, obliging a member of a family who wants to drive to France, still in the homeland to learn French and master values of Republic . According to already accepted laws the immigrant since 2007 is obliged to sign the contract on reception and integration into the moment of arrival in France to receive the first residence permit and the document, allowing to live in France within ten years.

Liberation Paris, France

Royal: attack on the centre
Between the first and second round of parliamentary elections of Segolene Royal calls to the aid centrists, risking to split own party.

after the first round of presidential election of Royal has addressed to Francois Bajru with the offer to carry on negotiations. On Monday, next day after the first round of parliamentary elections, she has declared that Bajru and " called; waits that he will call back . - to make the purpose of these maneuvers so that in national assembly the opposition has not choked under oppression of the overwhelming majority the right candidates. Royal`s main thesis - to prevent Sarkozy to receive all possible powers, to keep a variety of political representation and to give a hand to possible allies of the left.

La Stampa Turin, Italy

New Bush and Italy
Now when Bush`s visit to Italy remained in the past, it is possible to draw some conclusions from this that has been told on the past in this time two planned meetings of the American president. The first of them was an informal meeting between two presidents in a palace of Kvirinale which have passed without translators in easy Texas style then Bush has gone to residence a palace of Kidzhi where within three hours exchanged opinions from Romano Prodi. Even before Bush`s visit to Italy many predicted that he only will confirm that fact that the USA reckon with opinion of Italians a little. However all left differently, and even much better, than some thought.

El Mundo Madrid, Spain

Zapatero searches for supports of Rahoja in a course on defeat THIS
Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has addressed on Saturday with an appeal to the political opponent Mariano Rahoju to support its plan on destruction THIS. The prime minister - the minister and the leader of People party has made the joint statement in which have confirmed that the agreement reached between them becomes the first step on a way of restoration of mutual trust and association of efforts for achievement of the purpose which was put before itself by the government of socialists: definitive defeat THIS. After intense one and a half hour dialogue in residence of premieres - the minister a palace of La Monkloa, despite the pessimistic forecasts, which analysts did on the threshold of this meeting, Zapateros and Rahoj have managed to reach the conciliatory proposal in the light of the changed situation in connection with an exit THIS from the agreement on cease-fire.

The Jerusalem Post

France invites Jerusalem, Israel Hezbollah to Paris
Within the limits of the new approach to a world policy the president of France Nikola Sarkozy intends to invite representatives Hezbollah on opening in Paris in the end of June conference on Lebanon. Besides, it is going to involve also in negotiations and Syria. The new Minister for Foreign Affairs of France Bernard Kushner has invited representatives of all Lebanese political parties and religious groups to gather in the French capital, to discuss present crisis in Lebanon and a way of its overcoming. One more certificate of that France plans to strengthen the diplomatic activity in the Near East, there was a meeting planned for Monday to Sarkozy with the leader of Palestinian autonomy Mahmud Abbas.

Al - the Reptile Amman, Jordan

During a new aggravation of conditions in Gaza Strip was lost 11 Palestinians
In Gaza Strip again conditions - between groupings " have become aggravated; Fath and Hamas collisions which have already led to death of 11 Palestinians have renewed. The residence Palestinian the prime minister - minister Ismaila Hanii has undergone to attack just while he held there meeting. During bombardment nobody has suffered. Fights between Fathom and Hamas have inflamed, despite an appeal of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas to calmness and the termination of the Intrapalestinian confrontation.

Asahi Simbun of Tokyo, Japan

Murakami financial tycoon Josiaki Murakami last day loud litigation concerning use of the insider information accuses accusers at last session of court on use of the insider information
Poverzhennyj has declared that the charges brought against it are under construction on flimsy proofs and unreliable testimony. Lawyers of Murakami have called the Tokyo district court where within six months this scandalous case was considered, to justify their client who to the end continued to insist on the innocence. 47 - summer Murakami is accused of infringement of the law on securities and operations on the stock exchange in connection with its attempt to take under the control Nippon Broadcasting System Inc. In case of a recognition to its guilty Murakami threatens three years of prison and the record penalty in size ¥ 1,149 mlrd ($9,45 million).

Hoy Kito, Ecuador

Videorecording becomes apple of discord between executive power and the congress
the occurrence Fact already the videorecording of a confidential meeting second lately between Minister of Economics Rikardo Patino, the chairman of congress Horhe Sevalosom and the deputy of parliament Hajme the Platform and the former adviser of government Kinto Pasinej besides legal aspect has also an ethical component which, according to some experts, can strike notable blow to authority of the government. Thus president Raphael Korrea continues to say that completely trusts the Minister of Economics which resignation is demanded by opposition.

Trybuna Warsaw, Poland

Invaders of history
Schools and youth studying in them - here an overall objective of anticommunistic propagation of the Polish Institute of national memory (IPN). On all country employees IPN will organise lectures, performances and exhibitions about public resistance the martial law and other events. According to law IPN should inform the public about structures and methods of activity of establishments in which frameworks crimes against the Polish people " have been committed;. If to trust IPN, that period PNR was a criminal social order in dvadtsativekovoj stories of Poland. And Hitlerite occupation is by and large uninviting event to which does not need to pay too much attention.

telegraph Riga, Latvia

Happy hour in a power bar
In Riga the two-day Baltic regional power forum has opened. At a forum all Baltic prime ministers - Ajgar Kalvitis, Gediminas Kirkilas and Andrus Ansip, branch ministers of the Baltic States, the commissioner of EU of power Andris Piebalgs, and also representatives of the American power companies like General Electric and Westinghouse, a number of high ranks from gosdepa the USA have gathered. Among conference themes - Strategic development of power sector the Net energy Efficiency of energy and its preservation Deliveries of gas and oil to the Baltic States the Future of nuclear power the Optimum power cocktail for the Baltic States . The term a power cocktail it is very fashionable now in the Western Europe. Even more often speak about it and in Latvia as the Baltic countries have definitely ripened to pass to a new drink.

Respublika Vilnius, Lithuania

Flight to Berlin for 42 thousand Lits
the diplomacy Price: proceeding all some hours visit of the president of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus to capital of Germany has managed to the state in the considerable sum. President Adamkus who has gathered to Berlin flied not any overseas liner, and flied without changes, however this travel has facilitated the budget of presidential office already on 42 thousand lits ($16,235). Rent 50 - local turbojet liner SAAB - 2000 for flight of the first person of the country and eight persons accompanying it So much cost. Together with Adamkus to capital of Germany have departed its adviser for foreign affairs, a press - the attache, the secretary the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, television cameramen and the employee of service of bodyguard.

Rezonansi of Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgian wine - to Russia, Russia - in the WTO
Russia will access to WTO in the near future. About it, by data Rezonansi presidents of Georgia and Russia in Moscow have agreed. At least, Moscow believes that it will manage to win heart of Georgia, and the reason of such optimism names the new offers of Tbilisi stated by president Saakashvili in St.-Petersburg according to which Georgia demands to return the Georgian production on the Russian market in exchange for Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization.

still more recently Georgia put the main condition of the consent legalisation kontrolno - check points on Abkhazian and jugo - Osset border sites. Some rounds of negotiations have come to the end without results. However now the authorities of Tbilisi are ready to soften the position.