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Libya intends to buy rocket and antiaircraft systems from Great Britain. The Libyan prime minister al - Bagdadi al - Mahmudi has made the statement for it yesterday in the city of Sirt after the termination of visit to the country of the prime minister of Great Britain Tony Blair. During this visit, the second for years premerstva, Tony Blair has held a meeting with the Libyan leader Muamarom Kaddafi. After its end mister Blair has noticed that relations between Libya and Britain have completely changed for last three years .
According to the Libyan prime minister, the British side will participate also in preparation of armed forces of Libya. In turn, Tony Blair has informed that within several next months Great Britain and Libya will sign some important contracts within the limits of the program military - technical cooperation. He welcomed economic results of the visit in which course the British oil and gas company British Petroleum and the Libyan National oil company have signed the developmental contract of gas deposits for the sum $900 million RIA Novosti news agency ; IVAN - ANDREYS

Russia has joined sanctions against Democratic People`s Republic of Korea
Russia has joined the sanctions of the UN Security Council provided by the resolution #1718 from October, 14th, 2006, against Democratic People`s Republic of Korea in connection with carrying out of nuclear test by it. The corresponding decree of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has been placed yesterday on an official site of the Kremlin.

export in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea and transit through territory of the Russian Federation at the desire of the third parties of the weapon, materials, the equipment and technologies which could promote realisation of programs of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea connected with the nuclear weapon, other kinds to the OHM or ballistic missiles, and also luxury goods henceforth is forbidden to All Russian state institutions, firms and banks. According to the decree signed on May, 27th and then come into force, on territory of the Russian Federation entrance or transit of persons which, according to UNSF, bear responsibility for support or encouragement of a policy of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea and its programs connected with the nuclear weapon are forbidden.

the decree also forbids financial operations with money resources, financial actives and economic resources legal or physical persons who are involved in the programs of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea connected with the nuclear weapon. RIA Novosti news agency

Poland will put a veto for the euroconstitution
Acting yesterday in the Center of the European policy of Bruxelles, the Polish ambassador Jan Tombinsky has declared that at the summit of EU 21 - on June, 22nd Poland can put a veto on prepared by Germany presiding in EU the modified project of the European constitutional contract. Poland does not like the offer containing in this document on transition to new system of decision-making in EU the qualified majority of votes: the offer is accepted, even if for it all member countries of community, and only 55 % of the states which total population makes not less than 65 % from the general population of EU have voted not.

Warsaw is afraid that as a result old the West European states of EU in the presence of the arrangement among themselves can dictate the conditions to countries of Eastern Europe. By words Yana Tombinsky, Poland to prevent it, is ready to exercise the right the second time for nine months the veto and to block institutional reform of the European Union.

the first time Poland has applied the veto in October of last year, having blocked in council of EU the statement of the mandate of Eurocommission on negotiations about the new agreement on partnership with Russia. In practice the reform offered by Germany excludes repetition possibility in the future of a similar situation. ITAR - TASS