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Cellular communication

the Scandinavian operator of mobile communication TeliaSonera declared yesterday that the president and the general director of the company Anders Igel since July, 31st of this year will leave the post. While the company will search for the new general director, present financial director TeliaSonera of Kim Ignatius will temporarily fulfil its duties. Speaking about the reasons of change of a management, the company has informed that to it it is necessary to strengthen spirit and to raise rates of development . Analysts believe that after mister Igel has successfully spent re-structuring and has reduced costs in Swedish - the Finnish company after association, an event in 2002, the person who will spend more an aggressive policy directed on extraction of higher profit is necessary to the company. Anders Igelja`s change is the correct decision if the company wants to concentrate on gain growth - considers Kles Arel from the Swedish financial company Laensfoersaekringar. They (the company. - ), seemingly, want more aggressive growth, - believes Petri of the Prick from Finnish Tresor Investment Management. - Before they were careful enough, at least according to investors, therefore now shares of company and grow . After the announcement of change of a management of the action of the Scandinavian company have grown in the price at the auctions in Stockholm on 4,1 %, to 51,5 Swedish of a crone (5,5).

Vympelcom the Cellular operator " will enclose in 3G $350 million
; Vympelcom has created management on development of networks of the third generation (3G) which will be headed by the technical director of the company Dmitry Uryvaev. Its structure included experts in the field of planning and expansion of transport networks, networks of a radio access, the switching equipment and other technical experts. Till the end of 2008 Vympelcom Intend to develop a network of the third generation in 39 regions of the country and to construct within five years about 6 thousand base stations. Investments into network expansion in 2007 - will make 2008 an order $350 million

electronic industry
Samsung will construct factory in Kaluga
Samsung elektroniks will construct near Kaluga factory on manufacture of TVs. The enterprise in which Koreans intend to enclose $57 million, will be constructed near Kaluga and will start to give out the first production in October, 2008. After two years it should leave on the maximum capacity - 2,2 million TVs a year.

the food-processing industry
PepsiCo has found a platform for snekov
As well as wrote earlier, within the limits of XI Petersburg economic forum company PepsiCo declared a choice of the Rostov region as a platform for building of the second factory on manufacture snekov. Capacities will be calculated on release of 50 thousand tons of production in a year. the factory basically will let out chips Frito Lay, and also corn chips Cheetos and suhariki ` we Crackle `. Investments into the project will make about $170 million within the next five years - Michael White, chief executive PepsiCo International has declared. As he said, the company also intends to invest in development of raw and technological base for potato cultivation. According to Euromonitor, the volume of the Russian market snekov this year will increase to 373,4 thousand tons, including chips - to 135,5 thousand tons. In cost expression in 2007 the market snekov will grow on 15,6 %, to $2,138 billion According to company PepsiCo, chips Lays occupy today about 50 % of the Russian market potato snekov.

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