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Game rules

On Tuesday on air of radio station Echo Moscow vice-president VTB 24 Irina Busheva has published adjusted totals national IPO VTB. Its subordinates were engaged in consultation of potential owners of actions VTB, registration of their demands and the further calculation of quantity of actions for each private investor. By estimates of Irina Bushevoj, from 134 371 demands, submitted physical persons on purchase of actions VTB, 4588 demands remain is not satisfied. A principal cause of their elimination she named full or partial non-payment of money resources for actions.
at investors who since last week call in edition, other version. All of them speak: after summarising IPO VTB has informed them that demands have appeared incorrectly filled. At one of the demand the whole sheet has dropped out. At other investor filling the demand under the direction of very lovely and touching office young lady There was blank a column with its passport data. And the third have forgotten to warn that after application it needs to be paid.

before the carrying out beginning national IPO VTB at offices VTB 24 to reception wishing to be enclosed in the action were prepared thoroughly. Besides operating branches specially for demands acceptance have opened offices of sales on a Manezhnaya Square and Mjasnitsky street, and for consultation of simple citizens have employed the additional personnel. Took not only students of economic high schools who by the nature of the study understood something in actions. One of time employees VTB 24 says that for receipt for work the diploma of the state high school, " was required; and still sociability, vigour and young age . The bank has spent For training of time advisers IPO all the day: it have told about stories VTB, have made definition of securities and have followed a policy of dialogue with clients of bank in stressful situations.

has not passed also day after the beginning of trade in actions VTB as the minister of economic development Herman Gref has reported to the president about excellent results of placing VTB. Mister Gref has told to the president about growth of stock quotes VTB, especially having noticed that other market falls at this time.

investors, whose demands for purchase of actions VTB has satisfied, having heard about growth of quotations, have decided actions to sell. In language of exchange players - to fix profit . However at offices VTB 24 vigorous and sociable girls it has not appeared any more - employed them only for a month of demands acceptance. in bank anybody any more did not advise - one of " has complained to me; national investors.

by estimates of fund Public opinion on the beginning of spring of this year of accumulation of Russians equaled approximately 400 mlrd rbl., that is more $15 billion On SPO the Savings Bank citizens have spent about $500 million, thanks to record publicity expenses VTB has sold to the population the actions on $1,5 billion So money still remained with the population, and the excessive demand for papers VTB has shown that Russians are again ready to play gamblings with the state .

Having heard the report of mister Gref, the president has advised to the government to continue practice national placings. To sell really is that. Here, for example, the general director Aeroflot Valery Okulov at a meeting with edition has promised to spend one more national IPO. However the history and with placing of actions of the Savings Bank (it often criticised for the bad organisation), and with IPO VTB shows what to spend national IPO without serious consequences for the people still it is necessary to study.