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Ford Motor Co. Has made the statement in which has resolutely denied hearings that she carries on negotiations for sale to the affiliated Swedish company of Volvo belonging to it. “ Ford Motor Co. Did not enter negotiations neither from BMW, nor with any other company concerning possible sale of Volvo “ - the representative of Ford John Gardiner has declared, meaning hearings about ostensibly available interest to Volvo from German BMW AG. Mister Gardiner has noticed that recently the American company became object of speculative fabrications in connection with deterioration of financial indicators and the beginning of process of revision of strategic directions of development of business. Thus it has rejected vigorously assumptions that Ford will refuse Volvo.

Financial Times London, Great Britain

Death rate among the American soldiers in Iraq has reached the highest point for two years
As a result of variety of the incidents which have entailed  destruction of the American military men, death rate in the ranks of army of the USA in Iraq has reached record for two years of level. After one of these days the army authorities have informed on blasting on mines of eight soldiers and a crash of helicopter of the American Air Forces, total number of the killed Americans in May of this year has made 112 persons. In April in Iraq 104 military men were lost. In total in time from the beginning of the Iraq campaign of 3,5 thousand Americans have left life, and more than 25 thousand have got wounds.

Handelsblatt Dusseldorf, Germany

Wintershall intend to supply Poland with gas
German versatile concern BASF has offered Poland possibility to reduce gas dependence on Russia. Its affiliated company Wintershall intends to suggest to supply to the government of Poland the country with gas through countries of Western Europe. According to the head of branch Wintershall - Wingas Transport Ingo Nojberta, “ in 480 km from the Polish border will pass a gas pipeline Has fallen down, therefore Poland has a possibility to join the West European gas network “. Actually Wintershall offers the Polish authorities access to the gas of the North Sea arriving from the Netherlands or Great Britain.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Munich, Germany

German chancellor Angela Merkel declines Bush to give Merkel of more attention to environmental problems
On the eve of meeting G8 intends to try to come to the agreement concerning protection of ecology with US president George Bush. At specially organised meeting in Berlin German representatives will do the utmost to incline the American colleagues to take measures on decrease in level of emissions of harmful gases in atmosphere.

madam Merkel, in turn, will meet mister Bush during a dinner before the beginning of meeting G8 planned for June, 6th. However German governmental circles doubt that “ by the time of a meeting of the first persons between the parties any arrangement as on the decision of the questions, concerning environment protection, time " is necessary will be reached;.

Liberation Paris, France

“ SHtazi “ and life “ after “
Ulrih Mjue, “ the best European actor of 2006 “ played a leading role in a new film “ Life of others “ was born in 1953 in territory of GDR and well knows the country and time shown in a film. He plays a role of the officer of the East German secret police “ SHtazi “ it is entrusted to them to watch the known actress and its companion though in real life of Mjue was not the persecutor, and object of shadowing. He considers that its former wife was one of informal informants “ SHtazi “ however the court considering this case, has not found out proofs of cooperation of Dzhenni Grolman with secret police though has noted presence “ the bases for suspicions “. Business of Mjue - Grolman has done in due time a lot of noise in Germany.

Les Echos Paris, France

Record inflow of capitals to developing countries
the World bank studies movement of capitals within the limits of the annual report devoted to world financial investments in developing economy. In 2006 in developing countries $647 mlrd have been invested is not only absolute record, but also the certificate of that all of them are more built in world economy. More and more essential role is played by financial injections of those who works abroad and sends the earned means to itself home. Last year these means have made $199 billion However the average data do not reflect a difficult situation of the least developed regions, especially in Africa which need target support of the developed countries.

Il Giornale Milan, Italy

“ It has hammered in Barbara to death “
past Tuesday, in day of funeral of Barbara Chichoni killed some days ago, a city policy Perugia has arrested her husband 37 - summer Roberto Spachchino in its house in suburb of Perugia Marshano. As representatives of investigating bodies have informed, Roberto Spachchino regularly beat the wife and badly addressed with children. That ill-starred day when 33 - summer Barbara has died from a beating of the husband, it could be rescued, if it has caused at once first aid. However Spachchino has preferred to leave the house, having left the pregnant wife to die.

El Pais Madrid, Spain

the Seamen participating in works on removal of an oil spillage from tanker Prestige, suffer till now from failure consequences
the Oil products which have poured out from the broken case of tanker Prestige, continue to make the life miserable galitsijskim of seamen and the fishermen participating in November, 2002 in operation on liquidation of consequences of the largest ecological accident at coast of Spain. In the report which will be published in one of scientific magazines, it is said that by results of research of 6869 persons who were taking part in works on clearing of coastal waters and coast of Galicia from oil products, suffer various respiratory diseases, beginning for chronic cough and a cold before the complicated breath during a dream.

Asahi Simbun of Tokyo, Japan

Nippon Yusen will pay taxes on concealed ¥ 4 mlrd
the Largest Japanese sea transport company Nippon Yusen KK has concealed from tax departments ¥ 4 mlrd ($32,9 million) which number includes also compensation for doubtful transactions on transportation of wood from Malaysia.

now the company which are based in Tokyo, it is necessary to pay to the state ¥ 1,5 mlrd as penalties and debts repayment under taxes. “ We have objections concerning interpretation of some facts, but we are ready to concede to requirements of tax departments “ - representative Nippon Yusen has declared.

Zhenmin Zhibao Beijing, the Peoples Republic of China

China has made break in research of technologies of satellite positioning
the First chip of the Chinese working out for the receiver of two-system satellite positioning - SR 8824 one of these days has passed all necessary tests and examination. Simultaneously the receivers of multisystem satellite positioning which are based on new chips, are started up in a batch production. This fact testifies to break and prompt development of China in the field of workings out of technologies of satellite positioning and development of key technics having strategic value.

El Pais Montevideo, Uruguay

Brothers of Pejrano - Basso have found freedom for $750 thousand
the Decision of judge Grasiely Gatti to let out from - under guards of brothers of Pejrano on the security in $250 thousand from everyone has caused polemic in the country and objections from the state public prosecutor Dory Domenek which intends to challenge this decision in the Supreme court. Anyway two their three brothers not for long it will be possible to stay on freedom if judicial authorities consider the decision of the judge wrongful. Co-owners of bank Trade which has gone bankrupt in 2002 and Commerce Bank, belonging to the financial group Grupo Velox supervised by Jose, Dante and Horhe Pejrano - Basso, are accused of roguish operations for the $800 million sum the deep financial crisis which has mentioned Uruguay, Argentina and a number of other countries of Latin America became which result.

The Daily Star Beirut, Lebanon

Qatar expresses doubts concerning court on business of Hariri
Qatar, one of 15 councillors of Safety of the United Nations, has exposed conditions on which he agrees to vote for acceptance of the resolution on creation of the international judicial body which the prime minister - the minister of Lebanon Rafika Hariri will be engaged in a legal investigation about murder were. The First deputy of premieres - the minister of Qatar sheikh Hamad ben Dzhasim ben Dzhabr al - Tani has declared that its country will not put the signature under the document against which the majority of Lebaneses and also if powers of the international tribunal are not accurately registered in him objects.

The Jerusalem Post Jerusalem, Israel

Pepper will support Ajalona on elections on Sunday
the Member of the Knesseth from Labour party Ami Ajalon on Tuesday morning has talked over by phone with party leader Amir Peretsom who has suffered defeat in the first round of elections of the leader of the party of work in whom Pepper promised to support a nominee of Ajalona in its opposition with Ehudom the Barrack during the second round appointed for June, 12th. However in the evening of the same day, addressing to the supporters near an input in a staff - apartment of the election campaign, Pepper has declared that it can support any of two candidates and that its choice will be based on personal sympathies. It also has denied statements that he has concluded the pact with Ajalonom in exchange for a ministerial armchair in the future government.

Gazeta Wyborcza Warsaw, Poland

Russians should drink differently
the Russian authorities intend to clear streets and parks from fans to drink in the open air. Last week the Duma has approved in the first reading the bill in which will lock on drinking of alcoholic drinks is expanded on beer, wine, and also low alcohol cocktails. Already the second attempt such - two years ago president Vladimir Putin has imposed it on the similar bill of the veto. The new interdiction about which Russians speak more than about Alexander Litvinenko`s poisoning or the future owner of the Kremlin, concerns recent, but tradition which have already taken roots in the people to drink beer in public places. Though beer is direct road to alcoholism, last years among many Russians it replaces more harmful vodka.

to Conduct day Tallinn, Estonia

Why president Ilves always disappears from Estonia during the difficult moments for the country
President Ilves all time disappears during the dangerous moments. And such moments in Estonia thanking malouvazhaemomu to prime minister Ansipu enough. Meanly conceived night carrying over of a monument has caused crisis in the country, and during this intense moment to disappear from a dangerous zone to president Ilvesu Yeltsin`s death has helped. And if earlier mister Ilves it is proud declared that “ we will communicate with Russia only through Bruxelles “ then it has dashed away to Russia without consultation of Bruxelles. With its snobbery Yeltsin was absolutely alien to the president, but its funeral has appeared very opportunely. And when in Estonia there was that has provoked Ansip, the president was in Russia. And when alarmist Ansip again became “ to give the shakes “ on the threshold of May, 9th, the president has decided to pay visit to Georgia.

Telegraph Riga, Latvia

All in a garden!
Latvia is on the threshold of the most significant after the summit of the NATO of the international event. These are Days of friendship in which frameworks parade and meeting of enthusiasts of non-standard sex in the Vermansky garden will take place. On pleasure to admirers of traditional relations between floors, procession will pass not on city streets, and in park. Also will remind walk in a kindergarten under supervision of tutors in which quality politicians from the EU countries, including one Swedish minister and six deputies of the riksdag, three delegates from EuroParliament, the Danish deputy and its colleague from the German Bundestag will act.

has put Kiev, Ukraine

the Next victim of elections
the Coalition demands resignation of head TSIKa of Yaroslav Davydovich. After decision-making on carrying out of early election the central election committee becomes the main front of political strike. Davydovich`s nominee obviously does not arrange regionalov which seriously consider possibility of returning to a post of head TSIKa of Sergey Kivalova which headed the Central Electoral Committee during presidential election of 2004 and has been released by the Supreme Rada after charges in falsification of elections.

evening Bishkek Bishkek, Kirghizia

Linoleum for green-eyed Aphrodite
Having arrived to Bishkek for party Zhizeli execution, the Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova has gone at once to Opera and ballet theatre and has forced to buy linoleum for a scene covering. The celebrity has been puzzled by that here the wooden covering threatening by splinters to dancers of ballet till now is used. “ I am surprised, how actors dance on such scene difficult pases - de - de and 32 fuete in the end of performance. It is necessary to be run and to receive splinters on shoes. And after all they very expensive “ - the green-eyed beauty has shared with journalists the impressions. The ballerina nevertheless has noted high level of culture of inhabitants of Kirghizia. “ I was glad to learn, what even on a monetary denomination of Kirghizia the ballerina is represented, it means that the people honour the cultural traditions “ - she has told.

24 hours of Tbilisi, Georgia

Remote support of Europe
“ the New reality “ in a zone Georgian - the Osset conflict yet did not become a reality for the western friends of Georgia. The European Union does not hasten to support creation “ acting administration “ and to recognise Dmitry Sanakoeva`s government.

last week during the visit to Bruxelles the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Georgia Gela Bezhuashvili has tried to get support “ the new policy “ Tbilisi in a conflict zone. However during a meeting with Javier Solana and other high-ranking officials of EU it has received only “ silent support “.