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Simple things have won difficult

Festival a Kinotavr has come to the end with a victory of a film of Alexey Popogrebsky Simple things which has received three prizes, including the main. Ingenious simplicity of this decision of jury led by Vadim Abdrashitovym was estimated by ANDREY - PLAHOV.
a Kinotavr it was closed on the optimistic note: on a dark blue path before Winter theatre have passed film groups led by directors and producers, and also movie stars and other newsmakers. However, as one of leaders of ceremony, " declared; today there will be no Gosha Kutsenko . But even it has not spoilt high spirits of the visitors who were tired of a ten-day film marathon. Among competitive films the extreme prevailed: moral, aesthetic and sexual (in the program it has appeared one of the last Birthday of the infanta - a film Valerii Guy Germaniki about life and problems sadomazohistov). However, nearby under a heading Cinema on the area the mainstream, from " has been plentifully presented; the Wolfhound to Impudent days so a Kinotavr has carried out the problem reprezentirovat in a complex roughly developing Russian film industry.

the jury, apparently, too has understood the problem so that by all means to consider tradition human cinema start up not commercial, but with socially - a humanitarian dominant. For this reason the favourite number two became a film Kremen (the review see in Saturday number), and not just from - that its director Alexey Mizgirev - Vadim Abdrashitova`s pupil. The pupil obviously presented, managed to transform history of the guy - the provincial who has come back from army and recruiting ranks of valorous Moscow militia, in a sharp mould of the corrupted society. However not without reason this picture which has been let out by producer Sergey Seljanovym, critics named The brother - 3 or the Brother . Diminutive tone of this definition is justified not only secondariness, but also serious scenary and director`s flaws. The jury has preferred them not to notice, having given out to mister Mizgirevu a prize for a debut and in addition - an award for the scenario that is obvious mnogovato.

Such generosity has appeared only a prelude in relation to the main surprise a Kinotavr - to triple rewarding of a film of Alexey Popogrebsky Simple things . It have topped with the main prize, an award for direction and for Best Actor, played by Sergey Puskepalisom. But even this jury it seemed a little: the special diploma notes playing a role of the second plan Leonid Bronevoj. With each of these decisions taken separately, it would be possible completely or to agree partly. simple things - The worthy film of the talented author made in humanistic tradition of the Russian literature and the Soviet cinema, only with use of receptions of the modern liberated direction. The hero of a picture - the doctor living in a communal flat - the anaesthesiologist suffering from a lack of money and crisis of middle age. The old actor who offers it seductive possibility to get out from poverty appears one of its private patients. The film puts quite actual problems degumanizatsii medicine and even evtanazii, and also an eternal problem of a moral choice, not too thus loading the spectator and coming to the end with an ironical happy end.

a problem, however, that in competition has been collected much more difficult, more disputable, but, undoubtedly, bright pictures, which juries has preferred not to notice at all. It first of all Cargo 200 Alexey Balabanov (awarded only an independent prize of Guild film critics) and Two in one Kiry Muratovoj. But even if to distract from two radical works of large directors, the program offered some other options, and each of them was on - to the is interesting - and the Best season Svetlanas Proskurinoj, and the Separation Alexander Mindadze, and JAr Marinas Razbezhkinoj. Last, truth, is noted by a prize for music, but as a whole there was a sensation that the jury, painfully sitting ten hours, as a result separated from everything that creates unpleasant complexities, and has made the choice in advantage simple things . The blessing through a sieve of this installation one more film - a modern fairy tale " has filtered; the Mermaid Annas Melikjan: it is awarded by a prize for a woman`s role played by Maria Shalaevoj.

Demonstrative gesture of jury applies for the concept. Have rejected negativism, a decadence, a formalistic delicacy of old school in favour of clear morally - the social statement of the young perspective director. Actually the jury was of use an ill turn and to it, and film process as a whole. Having received three and a half a prize from seven and having defeated Muratovu with Balabanov, the canonised Alexey Popogrebsky has now all bases to feel almost Fellini, and Alexey Mizgirev with two prizes - Abdrashitovym. Even if at Simple things there were no strong competitors, award of the main award and an award for direction to the same picture is essentially incorrect that should be fixed in festival regulations. As a matter of fact, the jury has proved the weak expert, having deformed a deep and volume cinema landscape to a flat picture.