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Fair Russia the Duma fraction " suggests to cut down salaries

; Fair Russia has suggested to lower sharply the salary to deputies of the State Duma and councillors federations (Council of Federation). The bill providing fivefold reduction of parliamentary salaries, will be officially brought in the State Duma within the next few days. United Russia party members consider idea ordinary pre-election populism spravorossov.
the Bill prepared by fraction Fair Russia it is offered to establish monthly monetary compensation to deputies of the State Duma and members of Council of Federation in size no more than 20 minimum wage rates . Besides, spravorossy suggest to cancel a special order of obligatory state insurance, special medical, sanatorno - resort, household and provision of pensions and also to deprive of deputies of the right to use free of charge VIP - halls at the airports and at stations. Thus, by estimates of authors of the project, the government will receive real economy of budgetary funds as on the maintenance of both chambers of Federal meeting 0,12 % " are required not; from total amount of expenses the budget, as now, and only 0,05 %. Under reduction of a monetary contentment speakers of both chambers of parliament have not got only that in the bill is noted in the separate line.

such supernatural the deputy does not do anything, he is engaged in intellectual work, - one of authors of the bill Ivan Harchenko has declared. - the Deputy salary cannot exceed more than in two - three times the average salary on the country . It, according to the deputy, now makes 10 thousand rbl. According to mister Harchenko, the idea has arisen in reply to imaginary struggle against privileges which leaders " this winter declared; an United Russia Having refused use of flashers on the personal cars. one of these days saw their cars, all again with flashers: and at Gryzlov (the speaker of the State Duma, the leader ` an United Russia ` Boris Gryzlov. - ), and at Volodina (vitse - the speaker of the State Duma, the secretary gensoveta ` an United Russia ` Vyacheslav Volodin. - ) - the deputy has noted.

Spravorossy, according to Ivan Harchenko, on the contrary, have solved on - to the adult to be engaged in privileges the bill which is cutting down " became result of that; the smart salary of deputies and senators which now makes 90 - 110 thousand rbl., on the average to 22 thousand rbl. Thus the deputy has underlined that the idea of cardinal reform of the salary becomes key idea of an electoral programme Fair Russia .

the Government has not estimated the offer spravorossov to save on deputies and senators budgetary funds and has sent a negative response on the bill. In it to deputies from Fair Russia it is reminded that monetary compensation to members of parliament it is established by the law in the sizes established for federal ministers .

representatives of the Duma majority have paid attention To the same binding to ministerial salaries from " also; an United Russia . If to change, it was necessary to change all system of salaries including salaries of ministers - the head of the Duma committee of regulations United Russia party member Oleg Kovalev has declared. He has assumed that spravorossy have brought the project only that it was rejected ` by an United Russia ` and it, by its estimation, ordinary pre-election populism . Instead the United Russia party member has advised to one of authors of the bill, the leader of fraction Fair Russia to Alexander Babakovu who before election in the State Duma carried on business, to give to people 10 - 20 million rbl. . Then we will respect him - the United Russia party member has declared.

we will remind that it any more the first populist initiative spravorossov which is taken out on public discussion in the State Duma. As informed on June, 4th, Fair Russia despite the negative conclusion of the government, has made to the amendment lower chamber in the Tax code, offering in the morals prime targets to give to the state from 1 to 5 % of cost of real estate, cars, yachts and jewelry that in declared party on the eve of elections to Duma the course on socialism construction quite keeps within.