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Money of the North Korea will translate to Russia

Yesterday it became known that this week the problem blocking performance of the agreement on the termination of the North Korean nuclear program can already be resolved. Russia and the USA have agreed about the remittance, the belonging Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, from bank in Macao into the North Korean account in Far East commercial bank. If transaction takes place, at Pyongyang the occasion will disappear to hesitate with a nuclear reactor stop in Jonbene.
the Belonging Democratic People`s Republic of Korea of $25 million has been blocked in bank Delta Asia in Macao on an insisting of the Ministry of Finance of the USA under the pretext of struggle against money-laundering by autumn of 2005. In the answer Pyongyang has refused to execute reached on six-sided negotiations in Beijing the agreement on turning of the nuclear programs and in a year has conducted underground nuclear test.

once again the question on defrosting of accounts has risen on the next round shestistoronki in February, 2007. Then Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has agreed to freeze again the nuclear programs in exchange for the scale economic help. Thus Pyongyang has laid down one more condition: the first steps on disarmament will be made only after from Macao in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea all money will be transferred. Americans have agreed, however to execute agreement has appeared not so - that simply. The matter is that bank Delta Asia has been blacklisted to the USA and any foreign bank has not wanted to accept at it North Korean means for their further transfer in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea. In March, 2007 there was an information what to receive North Korean money from Macao the Russian commercial banks co-operating with Democratic People`s Republic of Korea are ready. More close by the summer statements of representatives the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation that it basically is possible, but only in the presence of accurate guarantees from the USA that to these banks sanctions will not be applied have sounded. Negotiations about guarantees went some weeks and past Monday have come to the end with a meeting in Washington heads of the American and South Korean delegations on shestistoronke Christopher Hilla and Chun It is young At which have discussed a variant of translation of North Korean money in one of the Russian banks. Details of negotiations are not disclosed, however, according to leaks in the press, Washington has been compelled to agree by way of exception on a time suspension an interdiction to banks to deal Delta Asia. The Wall Street Journal has informed that money will be translated in the Russian Far East commercial bank in which Pyongyang has an inactive account, through nju - jorkskoe branch of Federal reserve system of the USA and the Russian Central bank. The reality of such scheme to the correspondent was confirmed with the vice-president of bank committee of the Duma Pavel Medvedev. $25 million - the scanty sum. I would be surprised, if on it and could not agree, after all on a card much larger questions - nuclear disarmament " here are put; - he has told. And the president of Association of Russian banks Garegin Tosunjan on a question on how much a reliable guarantee of the USA not to enter the sanction against the Russian bank, has answered: In such questions, and it is a question political, in toys do not play .

Transaction can already take place this week. In this connection Christopher Hill has expressed yesterday optimism concerning the permission of a problem of remittance and defrosting of process of North Korean nuclear disarmament. At its first stage of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea is obliged to close a nuclear reactor in Jonbene, suitable for an operating time of weapon plutonium. However, as experts consider, to celebrate a victory over North Korean nuclear programs while early even if Pyongyang will not find there and then a new occasion to postpone object closing in Jonbene. The matter is that northerners yet do not consider itself obliged to dismantle the equipment on manufacture of the nuclear weapon and already created nuclear devices. So difficulties on a way to full nuclear disarmament of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea still ahead.