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The Yakut coals will estimate in the arbitration court

the State has made one more attempt of sale of shares in JAkutugle and Elgaugle a uniform prize. The question at issue on cost of actives should solve the arbitration court of Financial academy at the government of the Russian Federation which will define a fair estimation. The auctions in that case will take place till July, 23rd. But co-owners Elgauglja Open Society the Russian railways and Yakutia, do not see the bases for reconciliation, and already both parties speak about probable sale of actives separately.
the general director of Open Society the Republican investment company (RIK, 75 % are brought in an authorised capital stock a minus one action JAkutuglja and 39,4 % Elgauglja which belong to the government of Yakutia) Alexander Fedotov has told that the authorities of Yakutia, the government of the Russian Federation and Open Society the Russian railways (Russian Railway) have not refused idea of sale of the Yakut coals a uniform prize. According to the interlocutor, such decision was accepted on June, 6th at meeting in Ministry of economic development and trade with the assistance of minister Herman Gref, the president of Open Society of the Russian Railway Vladimir Yakunin, representatives of Rosimushchestva, the Russian Federal Property Fund and potential buyers, Evraz Group and a Mechel .

At meeting the unique question was discussed, from - for which the auctions on sale by a uniform prize of the Yakut coals have appeared on the verge of failure - cost Elgauglja . As already wrote on May, 31st, Open Society of the Russian Railway and Yakutia on a miscellaneous have estimated the coal company. According to sources familiar with a situation, railwaymen believed that all Elgaugol costs to $120 million, that is packages of Open Society of the Russian Railway exposed on sale and Yakutia - about $80 million Yakutia estimates these papers much more expensively - approximately in $200 million No Alexander Fedotov names other figures: By our estimation, the price makes 4,2 mlrd roubles ($160 million - ), according to Russian Railway Open Society - 1,2 mlrd roubles ($45 million - ). The monopoly underestimates an estimation ` Elgauglja `, but overestimates the price of the ` nezavershenki ` on a site of Ulak - Elga (not complete building of a branch line, under the informal information, it is estimated in $400 million - ) . According to mister Fedotova, both estimations have passed examination in Rosimushchestve and an estimation of Open Society of the Russian Railway has received the negative decision .

Elgaugol owns the licence for development of the Elginsky deposit in Yakutia. Its reconnoitered stocks - 2,1 mlrd coal tons. 39,4 % of shares of company belong to Yakutia, 29,5 % - Russian Railway Open Society (these two packages are on sale), 28,79 % - Joint-Stock Company East contract building corporation . JAkutugol (75 % a minus one action at the authorities of Yakutia) - the largest coal-mining enterprise of Yakutia, develop Nerjungrinsky, Kangalassky and Dzhebariki - Hajsky deposits (9 million tons of coal a year).

In Russian Railway Open Society have confirmed the fact of negotiations at session in Ministry of economic development and trade. Vladimir Yakunin has told through the official representative that the company has once again agreed on sale of shares in Elgaugle a uniform prize at the desire of the ministry to consider interests of the subject of federation . However in Russian Railway Open Society yet do not see the basis for reconciliation. conditions and the price of Yakutia do not maintain any criticism, - Vladimir Yakunin believes. - business in such project to participate it is simple cannot . As have explained in a press - service of Open Society of the Russian Railway, the company is assured of objectivity of the calculations and is ready to agree only on those terms of sale Elgauglja which Will be directed on commercial objectives .

the Conflict around JAkutuglja and Elgauglja has already broken the term of the auctions established earlier. The order of sale of the companies is regulated by the agreement of lawsuit between the authorities of Yakutia and Rosimushchestvom on aktsionirovaniju JAkutuglja . The document confirmed in the spring (see from April, 2nd), assumed sale of actions JAkutuglja and Elgauglja a uniform prize till July, 1st. The auctions, on Russian Federal Property Fund conditions, should be declared till June, 1st. Alexander Fedotov has explained that at meeting on June, 6th has been decided to transfer terms. till June, 16th both estimations will be left in Financial academy at the government of the Russian Federation which should draw a conclusion what of them is objective, - head RIK has specified. - the Conclusion is transferred in Rosimushchestvo. Under Herman Gref`s decision the announcement of the auctions should appear not later than June, 23rd as the auctions should pass on July, 23rd .

the Source in the Ministry of Property has told that theoretically carrying over of terms of sale of actives is possible, if it will be approved by all interested parties. Thus he has noticed that the given point of the agreement of lawsuit threatens to tighten the auctions on the Yakut coals indefinitely. The management of Open Society of the Russian Railway already repeatedly threatened that in that case can sell the share in Elgaugle independently, but did not do it under the pressure of Ministry of economic development and trade. Vladimir Yakunin confirms that Russian Railway Open Society on - former is ready to sell the papers a separate prize. Moreover, now Yakutia speaks about possibility of such exit also. if we do not agree, we can independently, without Russian Railway Open Society to leave on sale - Alexander Fedotov has explained. As he said, the agreement of lawsuit supposes it, establishing final term of sale of actives till November, 1st.