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Have got under reduction

Communications service providers wait for a new wave of transactions M &A

For the past year in Petersburg there was a repartition of the market of a fixed-line telephony: the operators earlier anxious by new connections, have started absorption of adjacent actives. In total at local and federal levels has passed about ten transactions, which it has appeared enough to reduce to a minimum a share of local players in the Petersburg market.

In a corporate segment six largest operators supervise Acquisitions of last years an order of 80 % of the market (only on a share the Megaphone and a Biline the first five the Internet is necessary not less than 60 %), - providers are kept more than 83 % of the market wire by the Internet - access in a private segment. Such data is resulted by agency TelecomDaily. Analysts assert that consolidation process in Petersburg while is far from end and the share of the largest operators in the nearest - two will increase year only.

Among mobile operators in the fixed market of Petersburg most has succeeded the Megaphone which in 2010 became the owner PeterStara and Metrocom . Transactions have allowed the company which had and own opto - fiber communication lines, to come out on top in business - a segment. MTS, continuing integration with Comstar has got the operator Multiregion on the basis of which actives Comstar in Petersburg could fall outside the limits the corporate market and start service of private subscribers. Besides, in the end of 2010 the operator of the second echelon " has been bought; LANK a Telecom that at once has strengthened positions Comstar (as wire active of MTS) in the corporate and private markets. severo - the Western Telecom (SZT) for strengthening in corporate sector has got the company Severen a Telecom (works more than in 190 city business - the centres). Within a year some transactions on purchase of house networks, including having regional coverage, were finished by the operator PiN a Telecom . The company Vympelcom already in the beginning of 2011 has informed on joining Eltela a large house network with a quantity of corporate subscribers. The given transaction has been regarded by analysts as force demonstration . However, thanks to it the operator has increased quantity of room subscribers, actually, having caught up PiN a Telecom .

Integration with modernisation

On a round table organised daily together with IAA TelecomDaily, representatives of the camera companies have shared forecasts concerning the further consolidation of the market.

According to the director of department of strategic development of business and marketing SZT of Pavel Basova, the company already has more than a double separation from the nearest competitor, supervising hardly less than third of market (400 thousand subscribers from 1,24 million the apartments connected to the wire Internet). The operator is occupied here by improvement of quality of service, reducing dialling time in koll - the centre, and also studying possibility of introduction of automatic recalculation of a monthly fee that most likely will be realised already in frameworks united Rostelecom he marks.

Petersburg the Megaphone in 2011 will concentrate not only on integration, but also on modernisation of a network infrastructure in the got actives. Networks Metrocom and PeterStara it is necessary to lead to the uniform standard, technical director Severo - the Western branch " marks; the Megaphone Sergey Semenov.

a Biline which, having got networks Korbina a Telecom and Golden a Telecom the first were set by an example of scale integration on Severo - the West, is in regular intervals presented both in market B2C, and in market B2B. As Denis Sibirtsev, the director for broadband access (SHPD) and to new kinds of business of Severo - the Western region " has underlined; Vympelcom integration process is almost completely complete, but about uniform billing speech does not go yet. as the universal operator we already now give uniform package deals mobile and a fixed-line telephony — it has explained.

In turn in MTS have reminded that also have let out konvergentnye decisions with the company Comstar providing a discount at connection of several services simultaneously. The large operator can cut expenses on attraction of subscribers at the expense of a strong brand and offer users additional discounts, bonuses at package to sale of services — the director of branch " speaks; MTS Severo - the West Ivan Zolochevsky.

the Telecommunication companies which in a condition to involve means for fulfilment M &A - transactions, on - former are in search approaching objects . So, according to the chief executive of the Petersburg branch VestKoll Tatyanas Pych, the operator simultaneously spends to five audits, estimating the actives exposed on sale. The director for information technology a Telecom Smart Konstantin Peminov also does not exclude that its company this year will make some more transactions in a corporate segment.

Occurrence on - to the present of large players in the Petersburg market at all does not mean that alternative operators will stop to develop business, the general director of the company " is assured; It is upholstered Andrey Guk. As he said, as a guarantee of the further growth not so much scale of activity of the company, how many professionalism of its employees (in particular, effectively working sales department) acts. Besides, local operators in comparison with federal, as a rule, differ more flexible structure and faster react to requirements of the client.

IT - the company in segment B2B should possess not only financial and technical resources, but also good organizational flexibility, that is creatively approach to a problem, be able to find the most suitable technical decision and to change internal business - processes under the concrete client — the commercial director " agrees; Ojster a Telecom Sergey Kozljakov.

with federal communications service providers it is necessary for local telecommunication companies to find the niche In dispute, the general director of Open Company " considers; prometej the Novel Venediktov. In the end of 2010 the operator has expanded business and has opened the division specialising on a telecommunication service for physical persons. House network Prometey Home conducts connections in the Central, Admiralty and Vyborg areas.

the Magnificent five

the Petersburg market house the Internet it is considered less profitable business. So, according to TelecomDaily, level monthly ARPU following the results of last year has not exceeded 340 rbl. Despite obvious interest of federal operators to this business (in particular, sheaves of MTS and Comstar ), the first five of the companies, at least in 2010, remained without changes (SZT, TKT, InterZet, PiN a Telecom and a Biline ) .

From its part we observe only destabilization in the company which passes to the new owner: outflow there amplifies, and return process of reconnections in their network does not occur. Yes, federal players can rely on the brand, but here advance cross-country - offers at them it turns out hardly. Cellular operators solve the problems connected with growth of the mobile traffic by means of the fixed networks, and to sell a fixed-line telephony for them employment unattractive — the director of company InterZet Dmitry Anchunov has noticed.

In the company PiN a Telecom which has just started the first for fixed SHPD the project on sale of contracts on mobile communication in one of the house networks (specially under this project of MTS has let out separate tariff plans: three on a voice communication and two on mobile data transmission), on the contrary, consider cross-country - sales by a perspective direction. According to the director for marketing PiN a Telecom Xenias Karadzha, for the first some days from the moment of the beginning of sales from subscribers have arrived more than hundred demands.

the General director of company TKT Ruslan Yevseyev has agreed that convergence is natural continuation of camera business and could be a source of additional incomes. However, in its opinion, realisation of concrete services not absolutely answers that, for what subscribers are ready to pay today. So, it has explained that so popular at SHPD - operators service IPTV will be claimed only when the operator, having received the information on tastes of the user, can offer it individual a package generated according to preferences, without an overpayment for a superfluous content for it.