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FAS has rejected already the third version of amendments to the law About advertising

As it became known daily, the Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) has prepared a negative response on amendments to FZ About advertising offered by United Russia party members Vladimir Golovnevym and Ildarom Gimaletdinovym in December, 2010. The bill provides possibility of prolongation of operating contracts on installation and operation of an advertising design without the auctions for a period of five years to those operators who do not occupy primary position in the market.

the Deputy chief of management of control of advertising and unfair competition FAS Tatyana Nikitin has confirmed that department has prepared the project of a negative response of the government for its direction in the State Duma. In an official response it is said that the right of the owner of an advertising design offered by the bill to prolong the contract without the auctions it is directed on the termination of realisation of a method of distribution of places for installation of advertising designs at the auctions . All policy of antimonopoly department is directed on that places on installation of advertising designs were distributed strictly on a competitive basis - has commented on a department position g - zha Nikitin.

Since July, 2008 under the law About advertising installation of any advertising design on the state or municipal earth is supposed only by results of the auctions, and contract period of validity makes five years. According to the company ESPAR - the Analyst now on such earths is more than 90 % from approximately 100 thousand advertising designs. Thus the majority of contracts on installation and operation of designs expires in 2012-2013, and for some - in 2011.

last year from three bills brought in the State Duma two are withdrawn: a variant of United Russia party members of Vladimir Golovneva and Ildara Gimaletdinova providing possibility of prolongation of contracts without tendering for five years for all operators, and also the bill of United Russia party members of Hafiza Salihova and George Lazareva, increasing period of validity of contracts a minimum till 15 years. One more bill prepared by United Russia party member Joseph Kobzon, and also Michael Musatov from fraction of LDPR and communist Vladimir Komoedovym (it provides possibility of prolongation of contracts for new term for small and average business), as a whole has received a positive response of the government and now is in the State Duma. position FAS is logical and obosnovanna, as in FZ About a competition Possibility of prolongation of contracts on use of federal and municipal property without tendering is provided only for the enterprises of small and average business - has commented the operating director of the company Advertising - Service Natalia Samoilov. all of us - taki hope that the offer on prolongation of lease contracts for diligent operators will be accepted, investments into the outdoor advertising industry become is better protected - the president of National association of visual communications Maxim Tkachev has underlined.